E1 building open for business


By Megan Perry

Student Services are in full swing as they finish their recent move from the scattered bungalows to the new E1 building during these past days.

The E1 building is a long-needed improvement which is designed to better serve the student body.

Each of the departments now have spacious offices in the new building, according to student workers.

Dean of Admissions Jeremy Allred feels the new building is an improvement because now it is more student-friendly.

“It is better than living in bungalows and out of containers,” said Allred.

He feels that since all of the offices are accessible via the courtyard, they are easier to access for the students since the services are all grouped together.

Allred said he enjoys the new building, but is having a hard time getting his boxes unpacked because he is still serving students and continuing with his job duties.

“With anything new, there is a series of adjustments,” and he asks that students “be patient and understanding as we are taking steps to better improve student services,” said Allred.

He likes the fact that if a counselor needs to send students to financial aid, it will be nearby.

According to Allred, the side-by-side offices make it easier for students to know where they want to go, resulting in the E1 building being a much needed improvement.

The services are “all together now,” said Allred.

Similarly, if financial aid needs to send students to the fiscal office, they can send students right over.

Matriculation Coordinator Suzette Morales-Guerra is also satisfied with the building.

“It is much better and has been a long time coming for student services improvements,” said Morales.

Morales is excited that the Marticulation/Assessment department now has a dedicated computerized assessment room instead of having to go to classroom-to -classroom.

She also likes the new designated workshop office, which is a new concept for ELAC.

“Most of the offices have improved settings with new furniture.

“Everything is nice,” said Morales.

One thing that Morales said needed improvement was the greenery.

“It could use more greenery because it feels a little dry,” said Morales.

The overall feeling of the structure is one of satisfaction due to the open, easily accessible design of the building, according to student workers.

Student Services includes Counseling, Financial Aid, Transfer/Career center, Fiscal office, Matriculation/Assessment, Admissions and Records, EOP&S, DSPS, Veteran center, Enrollment center and International Students Services.

The offices are open and ready for business.

The majority of their supplies are unpacked although different departments are still getting situated.

The move has not discouraged students from going to check out the scene, but has drawn more students in to get what they need done from Student Services.


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