Elans need Planned Parenthood

By Abraham Jauregui


Ask a Republican in the House of Representatives whether family planning, breast cancer treatment, disease awareness, prevention and screening should be federally funded and they will say no.
In an attempt to save government spending, they proposed to cut funds to a program that has aided local communities for years.
Apparently, family planning is not part of the Republican’s core values.
An amendment, proposed by Indiana Representative Mike Pence, passed the Republican led House in a vote of 240-185.
This proposed budget would not only cut the $75 million in federal funding to Planned Parenthood, but the entire $317 million to Title X’s budget.
Title X, of the Public Health Service Act, is the only federal program dedicated to family planning.
Through these dedicated funds, the government disburses to not only Planned Parenthood, but also numerous other facilities, such as community health centers.
Republicans pushing forward to eliminate Planned Parenthood’s federal funding argue that Planned Parenthood is using federal funds to promote and fund abortions.
Planned Parenthood has stood behind the fact that no federal funds have been used for abortions.
Those pushing for this amendment to get passed by the Senate vote need to realize that Planned Parenthood provides great services to their local community, most entirely toward women.
For years they have provided health services toward family planning, HIV counseling and testing, STD testing, cancer screening, youth counseling, and many other health services.
Jaqueline Perez, a third year student at East Los Angeles College, worked with Planned Parenthood for one year as a peer advocate and volunteered for three years after that.
“My experience at Planned Parenthood was great.
“I advocate for teens, their elders, and young adults about sex education and contraception,” said Perez.
“I did this while being an advocate for abstinence within high school regulations, but taking in consideration that not all teens and young adults abstain.”
Through Planned Parenthood, Perez experienced how a community can come together to promote awareness.
She participated in AIDS walks, helped organize meetings to advocate prevention of teen pregnancy, STD-free and prevention measures, and created a comfort for those seeking the facilities’ services.
Perez, now a mother of a new- born, used the services she once promoted.
While on a birth control that is 99 percent effective, she became one of the rare cases of getting pregnant.
“Planned Parenthood prepared me,” said Perez.
“They helped me test for the pregnancy, and made me aware of all the services available, especially prenatal services.”
Plannedparenthood.org is running an online campaign against the proposal seeking to cut their funding.
They encourage all those supporting their facilities and services to visit their website and submit the electronic signature backing their open letter to Congress.
The letter is directed to all members of Congress, so that united, Planned Parenthood and their supporters, will not lose funding.
Although there are speculations that the amendment will not make it past the Senate or President Barrack Obama, people around the country have taken to the streets to march against this amendment.
Hopefully, those who voted for this proposal will take notice that Planned Parenthood and their supporters are not and will not be silent.


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