Flooded library upsets students

By Rosie Charmuryan

Several students were disappointed and frustrated as they were turned away from the temporary library housed at the fitness center inside the men’s gym earlier this month.

Maintenance workers noticed the flooding on the morning of March 2.

“The library was already closed down when I got here at 7:15 a.m. and remained completely closed the rest of the day for the safety of the students,” said Richard Rodriguez, library technician.

“All we could do was just try to stay out of the way.”

A broken valve in the janitors closet and a plugged drain caused the flood.

The only parts of the library that was not flooded were the shower rooms.

The library was partially opened on Thursday and Friday, allowing students to use the study tables.

“Students were allowed to use the computers on Thursday for about an hour only because the dehumidifiers and floor fans caused the circuits to overload,” said Rodriguez.

“I came to print out an essay that was due in a half hour.

“I was mortified to find out that the library was closed. Fortunately, my professor made an exception and allowed me to turn it in late.

“I feel bad for other students who may not have been so lucky. Having your grade suffer because of the school just isn’t fair,” said Jackie Nevarez, a first-year student at East Los Angeles College.

Students were directed to the math and writing lab to use computers.

Both are already overcrowded and require students to have a school identification card in order to use these computers.

Students were completely unable to use copiers on campus.

“Many, many students rely on these copiers everyday. They were very upset about the situation,” said Rodriguez.

The flood caused no damage to the books or computers.

The main concern about the flood is moisture in the walls because it can cause mold and mildew.

The library is now open and will remain in the men’s gym until renovation is expected to be completed in the fall.


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