Actor defends career

By Peter Reyes

What a shift for Mathew McConaughey as he veered off from his usual absent shirt, pretty boy character in “The Lincoln Lawyer.”

It is possible that after many unworthy movies, McConaughey finally starred in a decent film.

It is not great, but certainly worth the ticket price.

It is without a doubt that McConaughey’s name will continue to rise in fame after this performance.

Mickey Haller, played by McConaughey, is a criminal defense lawyer who simultaneously operates from the back seat of his Lincoln sedan and in criminal courtrooms throughout downtown Los Angeles.

Haller cuts through crowds in Los Angeles courthouses in a shark grey suit while looking ready for a verbal quarrel.

The plot at first is twisted, yet perfectly portrays the fast confusing lifestyle of the big city.

The story thickens when Haller is faced with the tightly coiled, unethical legal challenge of a murder trial.

Ryan Philippe, who plays as Louis Roulet, pulled off an arrogant, innocent, and charming character.

The plot thickened when it is left to the jury to decide if Roulet is a vicious, psychotic serial killer.

The woman in Haller’s life is actress Marissa Tomei, who conveys intelligence and oozes sexiness.

Her role suggests a life that has been overworked and done with empty promises.

Tomei plays a personality with plenty of moral fiber and not just a simple love interest.

McConaughey’s performance was passable.


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