Bookstore to expand book rental program in Fall 2011

By Manuela Ramos

The East Los Angeles College Bookstore has expanded its book rental program for the upcoming semesters due to the high cost of textbooks.

As education gets more expensive, students are often looking for ways to cut spending.

The bookstore offers a limited amount of books that students are allowed to rent for a semester for a price cheaper than the textbook actually costs.

Some classes have books that are not available in the bookstore.

“Students often look for the most expensive textbooks in the book rental program but often times they do not make the cut because most of them are custom books, such as math, biology and criminal justice,” said Book Store Manager, Joyce Garcia.

“That’s why we are planning on bringing more books into the program,” said Garcia.

Miguel Perez, the Bookstore Buyer, said that Garcia, along with advisers, decide which books are added to the program and often times they do not add as many books as they would like because

not enough requests were put in for that particular book.

“Book requests are put in from instructors,” said Perez, “the highest requests will be put into the book rental programs and their deadline is mid-April.”

The new book list will be published mid-May.

“No more than 10 textbooks per title, but about 100 math books are up for rental this semester,” said Perez

Some students might find themselves in a financial crisis and see the soaring prices of textbooks as a reason to drop out of school.

“No one has a reason to drop out of school because the help is there. Everyone should take advantage, if they qualify for the free help,” says Jesse Calderon, book distribution.

Students should try to rent their books as soon as possible because the books may not be available for long.

“Math books always rent out the fastest because a lot of students take advantage of the program,” said Perez, “People will join ASU, and about 250 to 300 will benefit.”

The advertisement of the program is also helping the program expand.

More people are becoming informed about financial aid and other programs the school offers that help students financially.

To be part of the book rental program students must have a receipt of their enrollment fee, proof of current paid ASU membership, a school ID and a credit or debit card expiring after the semester to guarantee a replacement fee, if needed.

Extended Opportunity Program & Services also work hand-in-hand with the bookstore and allows students of the program to be part of the book rental program.

All registered students can join by paying the $7 ASU fee.


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