Hoops star earns honor

Sophmore Eva Hernandez shoots a critical shot despite a block attempt by American River’s Heilani Tupou. Hernandez earned an Honorable Mention Award from the California Community College Athletic Association in December


By Joseph Recinos


Husky basketball player Eva Hernandez has had great success on the court despite having to stop playing in order to provide for her family.
Hernandez was awarded Honorable Mention from the California Community College Athletic Association in December.
“It’s an outstanding tribute to her. She is such a great leader,” said Bruce Turner, women’s basketball coach at East Los Angeles College.
Hernandez is ready to make the transition to a new school and team.
However, she will miss the teammates and coaches who got her to where she is today.
She is still not sure of where she is going to transfer, but there are definitely schools interested like Talladega College, San Diego Christian and UCLA.
Scouts for various division-two colleges kept a watchful eye on Hernandez at the Women’s Basketball Showcase in Oxnard on March 12.
“It just feels good to be back,” Hernandez said. “I hadn’t played basketball since 2005, so I’m just glad to be back.”
The sophomore guard/forward for the Huskies has been recognized as a great team player with even better statistics. According to the CCCAA, “She is the catalyst for her team and has led the Huskies to a 3-0 start in the South Coast Conference.”
Although Hernandez recognizes the award, she is quick to credit her coaching staff. “I am very grateful to my coaches. I know I was very hard-headed, but they helped me out a lot.”
She is not only aggressive but modest, as she tries to explain her passion for the game and for her teammates.
“Without my teammates I wouldn’t be able to do anything. They all looked up to me even if I screamed at them sometimes they knew why,” said Hernandez.
Hernandez closed the season with very impressive statistics, averaging 13.15 points a game, 111 steals, and a 3.85 assist average.
“I like the aggressiveness,” Hernandez said. “I take my anger out on the court, that is my motivation.”
“Hernandez is not only aggressive but a great leader.
“She has the determination to lead, she knows how to bring the kids together,” said Coach Turner.
Aside from being an aggressive player, she makes it clear that it was not easy to get to where she is today. There were times where she could not go to school because she had to help her mother.
“I had to work full time to help my mom with money,” Hernandez said.
But things became a bit more stable at home, when her sister moved back in while her husband was on deployment in the Navy. She is very appreciative of her sister and brother-in-law because they allowed her to go back to school. “If it wasn’t for my family, I wouldn’t be able to be here,” she said.
Hernandez elaborated on being a Husky athlete by saying, “If it wasn’t for basketball, I don’t think I would have really been able to focus on school. I think it made me better.”



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