Students consider careers in science after Earth Day

Students from various middle and high schools visited the Earth Day booths located in ELAC’s stadium parking lot.


By Edgar Lopez

Approaching every booth with a notebook in hand, Denilson Ardon, a John Adams Middle School student, spent his time at East Los Angeles College’s Earth Day event asking questions and getting ideas for his science project.

“I have never been here. It is really fun being here, it’s better than being in a classroom,” Ardon said.

He said that he is thinking of becoming an engineer.

“I will like to create new weapons and airplanes” Ardon said, as he laughed with his group of friends.

At ELAC’s annual Earth Day event, students from various schools learned about environmental awareness.

Students were escorted to their seats in the women’s gym, where the event was scheduled to begin.

A young person now uses iTunes and such programs to obtain music.

The audience got a message of encouragement when he said to expect a bright future and to succeed by means of hard work, perseverance and confidence.

“It was a positive encouragement, especially the message that they can succeed,” said Roxanne Schultz, a teacher from Carver Middle School.

After the speakers were finished, students were given hats, water bottles and tote bags for their attendance and participation.

After, the students were escorted to the southern parking lot for booth exhibits, which utilized green technology.

Students were amazed with the renewable energy, whether it was berries or sunlight.

A student looking into a display said the scientists are pioneers of green technology.

“I bet I could find some of these plants in my back yard. I didn’t know that I could make energy in my own garden,” said another student.

Many exhibits handed out pamphlets, buttons and small potted plants along with other freebies.

The crowd had a mixed reaction toward the event.

When asked how he felt about the celebration and if it was exciting, Mark, a sixth grader from College Ready Academy said, “No, it was boring.”

He said he only liked the DJ and the part where he got to eat and leave.

While some students were more excited about the gifts and music, Miguel, a junior at Garfield High School, said he was motivated to go green in order to save gas.

With the continuous interest in renewable technology and environmentally friendly energy, this event gave students a possible future in engineering and a cleaner environment.

Jorge Dueñas, Christina Galvon, Saul Gonzalez, Karen Pinilla, Cindy Rodriguez and Chris Valles contributed to this story.


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