ASU spends lots, benefits few

By Edgar Lopez

 The Associated Student Union offered members free tacos in order to encourage them to vote in the ASU election two weeks ago.

What’s so wrong with that?

The problem was that they overestimated how many members would vote and ended up giving tacos away to anyone on campus.

Cash was misspent, and that’s a huge thing with budget cuts going around.

It was cash that could used for struggling clubs.

It was a nice gesture, but they should not take chances with students’ money.

One poll worker announced that students would miss out on “the bombest tacos” if they didn’t vote.

The ASU’s glorious tacos didn’t help generate votes, at least not what they expected, and they certainly did not encourage Elans to join the ASU since they got tacos anyway.

However, they were good enough to bring back students who had already voted for a second helping.

That’s right, they were giving away free tacos.

They simply overstocked.

Is that a crime?

No, but they were naïve to expect the whole student body to participate.

As great as it would be to have such great a number of votes, it simply won’t happen unless students have better motivational reasons.

What’s so great about electing an ASU president?

ASU doesn’t do much except create arbitrary policies.

They’re not very helpful to clubs as they leave them hanging at events.

At the Hands Across California event on April 17, they told the Feminist Club to put a bikini on their poster of a nude woman in order for their group to remain at a booth they had previously been kicked out of by a school dean.

A bikini?

Is it too old-fashioned to expect the student body representatives to clash with administration in order to support their clubs?

It shows a lack of backbone.

A n o t h e r i s s u e i s the arbitrary policy of reserving tables.

When the sociology club asked for a table outside on the Strip, they were told they had to make a reservation ten days beforehand.

Fair enough.

But there were empty tables out there, as one of the club members said.

ASU said they’re set up in case clubs need them, and the Sociology Club needed them.

Why weren’t they allowed to just use a simple table?

It’s probably the same reason that caused the taco fiasco.

They lack management skills.

All that extra money they used to buy tortillas and dead cow could have been far more useful to clubs.

What’s worse than leftover tacos?

ASU didn’t do such a good job of reporting that the elections were around the corner.

It was the week before the elections that they were announced, which was not enough time for students to make an informed decision.

Another issue is that ASU held-up announcing the election results.

It shouldn’t take a week and a half to count up votes.

In addition, it leaves the student body wondering who the next student leader is.

Are we just supposed to follow ASU blindly?

They could’ve counted the votes Friday and announced them.

There shouldn’t have been any problems getting the results out.

Campus News would have gladly posted the results on its website or Twitter page.

When the results were tallied up on Tuesday, they decided to wait on releasing them until the next day.

How they run things is a mystery.

Maybe they should serve mystery meatloaf next time.

ASU seems to be good at one thing, playing games.

They are playing the waiting game and hide-and-seek.

There’s a better chance of contacting President Obama rather than getting a hold of ASU president Gloria Lamas.

It seems they’re avoiding the students they’re meant to represent.

Maybe they’re avoiding students because a certain few didn’t pay their ASU fee.

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