Break leaves unfinished business



By Abraham Jauregui

 Spring Break is over, and it’s time for East Los Angeles College students to refocus on their academic work.

The break came with great timing as it helped revitalize the overworked student body, but spring semester nears an end, and we must push forward to achieve the best grades possible.

The anticipated spring break gave students an opportunity to travel, visit family elsewhere, or simply enjoy the numerous activities available living in and around Los Angeles.

A week off from school can cause Elans to neglect the work that is waiting for them upon returning from the break.

The old adage comes to mind, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Five weeks are all that are left until finals.

It wasn’t too long ago we gave a sigh of relief after taking midterms right before break, but we need to remove ourselves from the mindset that accompanies taking a big test or turning in a big paper and gear up for finals and the end of the semester.

These last five weeks are just as crucial as the first ten, possibly more.

It can be the difference between an A and a B.

We need to meet with professors to get an understanding of where we stand in class.

Ask for available extra credit now, instead of procrastinating and seeking it in the last week.

Get started on final projects or essays that will weigh heavily on the outcome of your final grade.

Setting up appointments with tutors at the Writing Center and Math Lab will only help improve your final grade.

We should be giving the same sense of urgency to our classes as we do the start of the semester.

Applying ourselves and continuing to work hard will only lead to successful outcomes.

Too often we tell ourselves, “I’ll worry about it when the time comes.” Well, that time has come now.

By now, our classes have been molded and vacated by those who were not able to keep up with the intensity of the work.

They dropped out, we are here.

Those who have stayed, have learned the particulars to our own classes.

We know the professors’ lectures, attendance policy, grading scale or the material from which the quizzes and tests are based.

We know what is expected–we have the tools or else we wouldn’t have made it this far.

We just need to close this semester out.

We’ve invested 10 weeks of our life, neglecting friends, family and other parts of life to make sure that we are successful in our class and then move forward with our lives.

Five more weeks are left for Elans to finish Spring 2011 on a high note.

There isn’t a greater feeling than knowing you’ve taken something head-on from start to finish.

The week off was great, but now is the time to get back to work.

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