Exhibition honors cult-classic

By Sandy Isidoro

 Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra is hosting an “Edward Scissorhands” Tribute exhibition with various forms of art, in honor of the movie’s 20th anniversary.

The exhibition is filled with various art works from digital to pencil art and all 78 pieces in the exhibition are dedicated to the movie.

The exhibition contains beautiful pieces that vary in color, size and even dimension.

They all manage to portray the characters of “Edward Scissorhands” in many creative ways, which any fan will appreciate.

The pieces are also available to purchase, and the prices vary depending on the artist and the piece.

One art piece by Brittney Lee, who is an Edward Scissorhands enthusiast, is on display.

Both she and her fiance, have seen the movie countless times.

Their love for the movie drove him to create a costume of a pair of gloves with scissor fingers that he proudly displayed at the event.

Lee’s piece, which took her two and a half days to make, is made of paper-cut artwork, which she said includes a lot of layers.

She explained that she likes the movie so much because the character is innocent and continues to remain so even though he can be horrible.

“He cuts things, and I cut paper,” Lee said of a connection she felt between her and Scissorhands.

Lee is no newcomer to the gallery as she has participated in previous exhibitions.

J e s s i c a Wi lma r t , w h o w a s admiring Lee’s piece at the exhibition, said she liked the work because of “the dimension made out of paper,” and she loved the shapes of the characters that were also made out of paper.

The director of this exhibition, Sebastien Mesnard, was not expecting such a big turnout for the opening night of the exhibition.

Plenty of people showed up, enough that at one point, an entrance line had to be formed, and it extended to the outside of the gallery and around the corner.

Mesnard explained how he initially was only going to invite a couple of friends to come together, and he slowly decided to expand the invitation to other artists.

He began this collaboration a year ago and was inspired to do so while he watched the movie.

He is also a huge fan of the movie and has been since he was 14 years old.

Mesnard describes the movie as a “really beautiful fairy tale” in which the characters “represent all society and how we can all live together.”

He also mentioned that the movie portrays how fragile and strong characters at any point can hurt one another.

He is originally from France and said the movie definitely has a huge following in France as well.

As the director of the exhibition, he wants all those who come see the works of art to “enjoy a nice show” and be able to remember it when they are back at home.

He concluded by stating that all the artists involved in the show are “like a huge family.”

Gallery Nucleus is located at 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801 and will be hosting the Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary exhibition until May 9.


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