Coalition Team thinks inside batter’s box

C/N Oliver Blanco
Swing, batter, batter- A member of the Coalition Team prepares to swing inside the batters box. C/N OLIVER BLANCO

The East Los Angeles College Coalition Team scheduled a softball tournament against Rio Hondo Community College but faced a community team instead on June 11.
The Coalition Team, consisting of ELAC and RHCC students, planned to play at Whittier Narrows Park, but the RHCC students forfeited the tournament due to unexpected rain, a few hours before the game.
Despite the fact that RHCC had forfeited, a few students did show up to play.
“I think we had a good amount of colleagues that made the event happen, regardless of the Rio Hondo side, that only three members showed up of their 57 members listed to participate in the softball game,” said Marcos Bautista.
The Coalition Team, not having an opposing team to compete with, relocated to a park in Pico Rivera to face off against a community team.
“Even though the majority of students were from East Los Angeles College, we still play among each other and had a great time with Rio Hondo and the fellow residents from Pico Rivera,” said Bautista.
Arriving at the park, ELAC prepared a game plan by arranging spots for each player.
The community team being hospitable and the home team, granted ELAC permission to bat first.
With ELAC batting up first, they took advantage of the opportunity by scoring three runs to take the lead.
The community team acknowledged ELAC’s form of playing and quickly put a stop to it by pitching either too close or too far from the batter.
Entering the fifth inning, the sun broke through the clouds, filling the field with sunlight, providing warmth to the players and fans.
An inning before ending the game, ELAC took the lead by eight points leaving the CM 14-8.
Both teams competed up to nine innings keeping a tight score throughout the game.
Finishing the game, ELAC took the lead by four point before getting three outs.
The CM batting last in the final inning attempted to outsmart ELAC by getting a walk to first base.
ELAC reacted to their strategy and put a stop to it by pitching the ball close to the batter making him move or attempt to bat causing ELAC to win 18-16.
“I believe there is going to be an upcoming event for the summer, Spring 2011 Semester After Party, (June 20, from 2-10 pm at the Huntington Beach), but it’s not from ASU.
“Just like this past event, it was created by the ELAC Coalition Team. From the students to the students.
“It’s sad to see that the students themselves have to go and think outside the box to create events for the students that our own ASU cannot deliver.
“I could say that ELAC students are not only dedicated but active students that are trying to make a difference” said Bautista.
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