Husky Store relocates to B-1 complex

By Ruth Caloca

This fall semester has brought  changes to East Los Angeles College, and among them is the relocation of the Husky Store.

The store was located at the center of campus between the F-7 and F-5 buildings and there was always a line during store hours. Over the summer, the Husky Store went from being located at ELAC’s core to a hidden bungalow at the far east side of the school, right next to the stadium parking lot in B1-101. Some staff members originally worked at the bookstore and were moved to the Husky Store this past summer.

Elan and Husky Store staff member Rosa Rodriguez said of the relocation, “I like it, it’s a good place and there’s a lot more room here.”

Elan Julian Lopez, recently was hired for the fall semester. He’s been a student at ELAC for two and a half years, and knowing what the other store was like, he agrees with Rodriguez saying that it’s bigger and better. Many students didn’t even know that the Husky Store had changed locations, until they walked up to the G8 building and found a sign advising them that the store was on the other side of campus.

Even with maps placed around the school, students found it confusing and frustrating trying to lacate the Husky Store. Most gave up after a few attempts and rejections from teachers in bungalows, after being mistaken for the new location. Others refused to go hungry any longer and set on a quest to find it.

The difference in the store is very noticeable, because of the arrangement of items and the new addition to the staff. It’s also quite spacious. One of the main problems that students had with the old Husky Store was that it made them feel rushed to purchase items.

Joyce Garcia is now in charge of the Husky Store, because of Christina Gaytan’s retirement. Garcia said that the first week the store was not as busy but she’s hoping that as students get situated and find out where the store is now located, business will pick up once again.

Three weeks into the semester, the Husky Store is coming back to life again with rush hour happening almost every hour and a half. Although this move has been beneficial to staff and students, there has also been a loss.

Rodriguez said of business “This store is up on the rise and we are beginning to get busier, but we lost some of our regulars.”

But this is only the first month of many to come. Even with this new location being temporary, Husky Store employees look forward to the new faces becoming the new  regulars and as Lopez said, “Change is good.”

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