School should be safer

By Cristina Galvan

School should be a safe environment where students should not have to worry about having their belongings stolen.

Last week, Yadira Hernandez had her car broken into in the parking structure. Among some of the things that were stolen were her laptop, books and money to pay for her classes.

Since Hernandez is an AB 540 student she does not qualify for financial aid and therefore has to pay for her books and classes with her own money.

It is disappointing that people do not respect other people’s property and take what does not belong to them. It is not a nice feeling when something that means a lot to you, or something that is essential for your education is taken away.

This is especially true when it happens at school, where people should feel safe. Everyone goes to college to try to get an education and that alone brings stress.

Students already have to worry about studying, homework, tests, and essays and it is not fair that they also have to worry about being the victim of a crime. Students and their families work hard in order to get through life and get a college education.

It is disappointing that someone would take that hard earned money without taking into consideration the effect it has on the victim and on their families. Looking around the campus it is not hard to notice all the valuable things students possess such as smart phones, iPods, laptops and designer bags.

If students have to worry about having their belongings stolen, it will discourage them from wanting to attend East Los Angeles College. ELAC should be known for its academics and athletics and not as a place where robberies take place.

What happened to Hernandez should not happen to anyone else. More should be done to guarantee the safety of students and their belongings.

A solution to the problem would be if more cameras are installed in the parking structure. It would be a good idea to increase the number of times the parking structure and the surrounding grounds are patrolled

With the cost of tuition increasing why isn’t the school installing cameras and adding more security? At least students would see where their money is going.

Students should also play the role of good Samaritans and help each other out. If they see something suspicious going on such as a burglary they should tell school authorities.

Also, students should be more careful about what they leave in their cars and try to not leave anything visible. If everyone plays their role, students at ELAC could walk around the campus feeling safe and ready to learn.

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