Thief steals tuition from Elan

By Isaac Tovar

Yadira Hernandez was returning to her vehicle on the fourth floor of the parking structure Tuesday morning, between 10a.m.-noon, to pick up her forgotten cell phone charger when she noticed her car door lock had been tampered with.

As she entered her vehicle, she made a horrifying discovery. A number of important and expensive items had gone missing. The items taken were three text books, $450, and a laptop that she was holding for a friend.

Hernandez is a psychology major who works 40 hours a week and is taking 15 units. She is set to transfer in about a year, with her sights set on UCLA, UC Santa Barbara and even considering law school.

The reason for Hernandez carrying such a large amount of cash is because she had planned on paying her tuition later that day. Hernandez is an AB540 student, and these student’s tuition expenses are definitively higher than the average California student.

Hernandez stated that she spoke with a cadet immediately after the incident. She was given an ID number and was told she would receive a follow-up phone call. The next day the Sheriffs phoned her and said there was nothing they could do, and that they weren’t going to investigate, as it was not a big enough case.

When asked about the whole situation Hernandez said she is “shocked, and can’t believe that someone would do this.” Now she has fallen behind in some classes because of missing some homework assignments because of the missing text books.

Tiffany Rice, head of the Violence Intervention Team, said “It’s disconcerting and problematic because our students need to feel safe on campus.” She also suggested that Sheriffs should educate the students about safety in the parking structure.

For now, Hernandez is getting by with the aid of her friends and her biology professor. She’s getting loaned books and even a laptop until she can afford replacement, even though it will be hard due to her hectic scheduling.

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