‘Neighborhoods’ reveals Blink-182’s mature side

Courtesy of Blink-182

By Cristina Galvan

After eight years Blink-182’s much anticipated comback album, “Neighborhoods,” misses the marks.

In 2009 the band reunited after a four year breakup. This is their sixth album and their first album since reuniting, so fans were eager to listen to their new music.

Unlike their previous albums that had a humorous tone and comedy filled lyrics, this album is more mellow and leans more toward the serious side. Over time, a band’s style and sound changes and that is the case with Blink-182.

The band members, Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker are all grown up  and no longer in their early 20’s. They have matured since then. The album’s single “Up All Night” is not that great or catchy.

It lacks that charm that makes listeners want to listen to the whole album or want to buy it.

“Up All Night” is not as good when compared to older singles such as “All the Small Things,” “Dammit” and “What’s my Age Again?”

That should not be a discouragement because, overall, the other songs are good.

Some of the best songs in the new album are “Ghost on the Dance floor,” “Natives,” “Heart’s All Gone” and “Wishing Well.”

Most songs focus on love and heartbreak, unlike most of their older tunes which focused on newfound love and coming to age. Guitarist Delonge and bassist Hoppus share vocal duties, so songs have a combination of both of their voices.

To add to the good vocals are the drum beats by drummer Barker. The drum beats give songs an interesting touch.

Now the big question, is the album worth the long eight-year wait?

It is worth it because it is nice hearing the bands new sound and style, but it could be a little bit better. It would be better if it contained a few songs, or if anything at least one song that reminded listeners of  Blink-182’s old songs.

There should have been a track that brought back some nostalgia of listening to Blink-182 in the ’90’s because that is what fans wanted to hear. The album is good, and the new songs are nice, but it is not one of their best albums.

The album is recommended for listeners who want to listen to something new from Blink-182 after eight years and for someone with an open mind.  It is not an album that would be considered a Blink-182 favorite nor a memorable one.

“Neighborhoods” is a good album to listen to while driving, doing homework and hanging out with friends.

Two editions of the new album were released. One was a regular edition, that consisted of 10 songs.

For a few extra dollars listeners could get their hands on a deluxe edition that contains three extra tracks.

Currently Blink-182 is on tour and concert goers could be sure it will be a good show. The new album was released on September 27.

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