Food truck caters to Elans’ appetite

LUNCH TIME—The submarine sandwich consists of layers of different lunch meats as well as cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and avocados and comes with a side of seasoned fries at the new lunch truck on campus, About Time. CN/Oliver Blanco

By Lindsey Maeda

It is about time ELAC had a food truck that was truly accommodating to its customers. The food tastes even better knowing that the people serving it put in additional tender love and care.

Serving up a variety of satisfying dishes, the About Time food truck provides accommodating service with a smile to East Los Angeles College students.  Around noon, the truck brings-in ELAC’s hungry lunch crowd, but About Time’s efficient service makes waiting in line more bearable. One worker takes down orders and collects money, while two others prepare the dishes. Considering the size of their staff, these workers are quick when it comes to distributing the food.

Unfortunately, depending on how much food a customer buys, the workers may get the order wrong.  Also, because of the distance between the pick-up window and the covered patio area, it can be difficult to hear an order being called out. Besides these hiccups in service, About Time offers an assortment of food that will please the palates and wallets of many.

The nachos supreme, for example, is made to perfection. It contains a hearty mound of corn tortilla chips, sprinkled with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, re-fried beans and a choice of carne asada or chicken. Dollops of sour cream and fresh guacamole enhance the flavors of this dish and stimulate the tastebuds for $4.50. Unlike most nachos that become soggy after its toppings have been sitting there, the tortilla chips in this dish keeps its appetizing crunchy texture.

The submarine sandwich will also fill up any appetite for $5. Generous portions of roast beef, ham and turkey are piled onto toasted Italian bread with slices of American cheese, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. Large medallions of pickles, bits of avocado and a spread of mayonnaise complete this tasty sandwich.

If Elans are looking for a quick snack before class, they may want to try the steak quesadilla for $4.50 or the chicken nuggets for $4. The steak quesadilla has Monterey Jack cheese melted between two crispy flaps of flour tortillas. It can be ordered with carne asada, chicken or plain. Sour cream and guacamole are added on the side for dipping, along with pico de gallo upon request.

In comparison to the rest of the dishes, the chicken nuggets lacked pizzazz. Although the chicken nuggets were hunger-satisfying, their spongy texture added to a less appetizing meal.

For those seeking a lighter dish, About Time offers a garden salad for $5, which is a combination of iceberg lettuce, tomato wedges, chopped carrots, sliced avocado, broccoli and a choice of chicken or ham.

Vegetarians may order this salad without meat and ranch dressing is served on the side. Overall, the vegetables in the salad were fresh, but the lettuce could have been more crisp.

Dishes such as the submarine sandwich and chicken nuggets also come with an order of seasoned fries, which can be ordered separately for $1.50. The smell of these lightly fried morsels is warm and inviting. A zesty mixture of flavorings stick to the leftover residue of hot oil and makes these seasoned fries savory and addicting. These are just a few of the dishes on About Time’s menu.

Their menu includes meals that cater to many different tastes, from the taquito plate for $4.50 to the teriyaki chicken plate for $5. In addition to lunch, About Time serves breakfast items including their steak and egg sandwich at $4.50, breakfast bagel at $3.50 and cereal cups at $1. They even leave out a jug of chilled milk for those who would like to have it with their cereal.

An assortment of on-the-go snacks such as baked goods range from 75 cents to $1.50, along with chips, granola bars and drinks. Other than providing a variety of eats, the reason why this food truck is great is because the workers provide friendly service to all. They make the extra effort to engage in small-talk with their customers, resulting in a pleasant atmosphere.

The About Time food truck is located between Weingart Stadium and ELAC’s swim stadium, where the previous lunch truck used to be. Marla Fuentes, food truck employee, said they plan to sell cheaper items, but that they are still testing out which items are preferred by students and faculty.

About Time is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. They only take cash for now, but plan to take credit or debit cards soon.


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