Self-defense tactics get students involved

By Lourdes Espinoza

As part of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Violence Intervention Team hosted “Common Sense Self-Defense” where Marilyn Ladd taught students how to defend themselves from sexual assault. Ladd, Women’s P.E. Instructor and Violence Intervention Team member, demonstrated self-defense moves to students last Thursday in the Women’s Gym.

Students were taught how they could use common self-defense tips if they are ever in an unwanted confrontation with a potential sexual predators. Unique combinations of self-defense tactics were demonstrated to thwart any advances made by sexual predators. The meeting mainly focused on young women and tactics they can use to prevent assault if they become prey.

Ladd began the lesson with tips on how students can prevent being caught in unwanted situations. She proceeded to cover car safety and how to be safe around an ATM, which can make  people vulnerable, especially if they are alone at the time. Tips, such as walking in pairs, having your keys in your hand and keeping your eyes on your surroundings at all times were shared.

She warned students to never drink an open container at a bar that students might not have personally ordered or that they did not see made in front of them. The advice given reflected many  usual concerns when walking alone or going to a crowded bar, even if going with a group.

Ladd stressed the fact that students must never put their guard down. She shared personal recollections of students who have defended themselves using the techniques she taught them. Walking confidently is very important. It can make it difficult to be preyed on, as a predator will most likely go for someone walking looking down at the ground who will succumb easier.

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