Win secures team spot toward top

HEADS UP—Sonia Gramajo goes airborne in an attempt to take the ball during the game against Long Beach City College on Friday. CN/Hugo Dominguez, Jr.

By Liliana Marquez 

The women’s soccer team secured their sixth victory in conference play last Friday after defeating the Long Beach City College Vikings 2-0 at Weingart Stadium.ELAC’s first chance to open the score came during minute four.

The Vikings committed a foul over and the Huskies were awarded a free kick.Husky Melissa Gonzalez took the shot but the goalkeeper was able to stop it without much trouble. In minute 12, ELAC was awarded a free kick, Gonzalez took the shot.The Vikings’ goalkeeper was able to catch the ball, but let it slip away giving ELAC a chance to score, but none of the Huskies were in position to take advantage of the miscue. At minute 14, ELAC’s Adilene Rodriguez left the field injured.The Vikings were dominating the match during the next 10 minutes as both teams kept playing in the center of the field.

That moment came in minute 36, when ELAC struck first with a goal by Belinda Newson.After the goal ELAC started to gain confidence and their performance improved a lot. Long Beach had a chance to score at the 42nd minute mark, but ELAC’s goalkeeper Belen Rodriguez was able to reject the shot and send it to a corner kick.The game went to halftime with the Huskies dominating the game 1-0.The second half kicked off and ELAC needed to put some distance between the two teams.

The opportunity came seven minutes in when Leslie Rivera was able to send the ball in and score the second goal for the Huskies. At minute 79, the Huskies were given a throw-in which was taken by Newsom.A header by one of her teammates sent the ball to another Husky who took the shot but missed the shot.

Nine minutes before the final whistle, ELAC’s Jane Song was booked with a yellow card.At minute 84, a free kick awarded to the Huskies was taken by Gonzalez, Jessica Guzman took the shot but was not able to put the ball in the goal. Long Beach had one of their last opportunities before the final whistle taking a good shot on target that Rodriguez was able to turn away.The game ended with the Vikings losing for the third time in conference and the Huskies winning their sixth victory in conference play.

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