Accept the reality of ‘Occupy’

CN/Sarah Rivero

By Brian Villalba

Wake up people. Occupy East Los Angeles College is advocating for you, and they are doing it for free. Active and/or passive support is the only rational expression of your opinion. Occupy ELAC is acting in your own best interests so, there is no way you can rationally be against this movement and still be acting in your own best interests.

For such a large population to act in such an irrational way I can only conclude that either the people opposed to Occupy ELAC are either insane or they have a huge crush on this movement. Crushes can manifest in different ways. So does this particular one. The response ranges from affection, anger, ridicule to denial.

Some of us make fun of them for an imagined lack of hygiene. We tease the occupiers because we are embarrassed that they are far more effective at advocating for our own better educational standards than we are. In that case it is understandable that we would seek to deflect attention from our apathy towards ourselves. We are angry that they are in fact more prudently and accurately addressing our long term needs than we are.

Many people dislike being reminded of the kind of things that we ought to be doing but we chose to neglect. Some of us pretend not to care as we seek to express our insecurity by preempting the potential rejection by seeming apathetic to our crush. This way, if the occupiers decide that they don’t like us, we can say that we never cared in the first place. For those who don’t care, I am especially sad as they have given up on ELAC, the Occupy movement and themselves.

There is no dignity in accepting an injustice as justice. Some of us are fascinated and seek to support the occupiers by providing food, entertainment or just moral support.Others will provide passive support in that they will seek to support the movement through those who support the cause and voting for any ballot initiatives that may result in support for the cause.

No matter what sort of response you have to the occupiers protesters, they are advocating for you. These brave students are sacrificing their social lives and simple comforts that we take for granted, and they are doing it for us.

Even if you aren’t involved with education in any way they are helping you. Education has intrinsic as well as extrinsic value. There is a well known correlation between higher levels of education and lower crime rates. Our educational institutions are being stripped of the ability to perform their primary function.

With budget cuts, classes are inevitably cut, which means yet fewer classes are available. This prevents many students from getting the necessary classes in our restrictive schedules. The budget cuts are the result of a political problem. The students with the smallest political voice get thrown out with the trash. The students with the loudest political voice stand a chance of being heard.

Wake up people. Occupy ELAC is acting in your best interests. Students, faculty and administration all benefit from the realization of Occupy ELAC’s goals. No one is saying that we should worship them but the cause is worthy of our support because the cause is to better all our lives. You have a secret crush on the Occupy ELAC students. You may not be aware of it, but you have a crush on them as soon as you hear about them.


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