Comedy train rolls around again

By Gabriel Serrano

The comedy train rolls into East Los Angeles College for another night of laughs to raise money for the athletic department on Sunday. There was a total of five comedians that made the Edison Theater fill with laughter the whole night.

The first comedian Marty Ross, an older man with a dark and shady sense of humor, brought the crowd to the first laughs by opening with “You probably noticed I’m ****ing old.” His jokes were about the hardships of being old and his jerk of a grandson who asked him “If you die while were playing checkers, I win.”

The next comedian to hit the stage was Jaymac, who brought a girl from the audience to dance with him when he first came out. His jokes were based on his dating experience, playing football and his closet brother. He also joked of how his grandma must have smoked lots weed because of the things she used to say. “We’re gonna be back soon. We won’t be gone long.” Then he ended his set talking about his little man syndrome (LMS).

The next comedian to come on stage was Jerry Garcia, a Hispanic comedian talking about the hardships of living in Huntington Park. “Huntington Park is the only city where two cars will hit each other and both will drive off.” He thought his dad was a ghost buster but it turns out he was only a leaf blower. Then he continued to make fun of cholos, his “ emotional unpredictable ” ex-girlfriend and being lonely and single.

The headliner Jeff Garcia, a veteran of comedy, came on early because of a later show he had to do. Jeff came out dancing and made fun of the band by saying “You guys look like you played with Bach.” Jeff mostly interacted with the crowd by saying “This is hard when you don’t have jokes.” He called out a girl because of her animal science major and when she said financial aid was paying for her classes, he said “What happened? Your white?”

He poked fun at Asians saying they “messed up the curve.” He went on to talk about how he wished his daughter was ugly, made fun of his stupid son and thought ELAC should have the greatest soccer team. A strange noise echoed through the theater. He said it might be a UFO, but then said “ the only aliens live up on Whittier Blvd.”

The show ended with the last comedian Shang, an African comic who described himself as “Negrolite.” His jokes had the dirtiest sense of humor with the crowd echoing “oooooh” after his punch lines, but still laughing hysterically at his vulgar sense of humor. Shang made fun of his son saying he “looks like Flavor Flav and Lil Wayne put together…He’s an ugly kid.” He went on to talk about his two tour of duties in Iraq and had quick-witted humor embedded into them.

“I’m in Iraq. It’s 150 degress every day! And you guys are complaining about 90 degree weather in California? Come on dude.” Overall, the show had a good turn out. One comedian joked “It’s actually sold out. We just have too many seats.”

The Athletic Director, Al Cone came out on stage to end the show and told the crowd that the comedy events have raised 50 thousand dollars in the last 12 years for sports scholarships. They look to have another comedy show soon.


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