Goldline extension a welcome improvement

By Oscar Landeros

The Eastside Goldline extension will improve mobility to students located on the farther side of East Los Angeles. This project will help improve traffic congestions and possibly reduce the usage of automobiles.

It may also reduce the usage of gas, allowing us to have less polluted air. The Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 project is part of the “30/10 Initiative,” which is 30 years of transit projects in just ten years.

The long-term process arranges the Measure R sales tax as collateral for long-term bonds and a federal loan. This allows Metro to build 12 transit projects such as the Phase 2 project. The “30/10 Initiative” will bring a lot of benefits to Los Angeles.

There will be approximately 160 thousand new jobs created, which will have a big effect on employment in the next couple of years. Massive annual benefits will be 77 million more transit boardings, 521 thousand pounds fewer of automobile source pollution emissions, 10.3 million gallons of gas not used and 191 million vehicle miles not traveled.

Not only do these statistics show a positive outcome in our environment, but it will also result in substantial cost savings. The Phase 2 project will provide two light rail transit options.

The State Route 60 Light Rail Transit will extend to areas as far as the city of Whittier, with stations located on Garfield Avenue, The Shops at Montebello, Santa Anita Avenue, and Peck Road. The Washington Boulevard Light Rail Transit will also extend to Whittier, making alternative stops on Whittier Boulevard, Greenwood Avenue, Rosemead Boulevard, Norwalk Avenue and Lambert Road. This will improve mobility and connect communities throughout East Los Angeles

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  1. Hello, I am on the outreach team for the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 project, and I noticed there was a typo towards the end of this article. Where it says “The State Route 60 Light Rail Transit will extend to areas as far as the city of Whittier,” it actually should say that the SR-60 will extend as far as to the city of South El Monte. Only the Washington Boulevard alternative will extend as far as the city of Whittier.

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