Newsboys revive Christian Rock

By Adrian Lepe

Following a hugely successful album “Born Again,” Newsboys return with a new album entitled “God’s Not Dead.” The debut of their new album showed everyone that Christian rock is on the rise.

In this album many of the songs are not new, but are actually well-known songs from church and worship. More than half of the songs have been recorded by other artists, and have actually topped the Church Copyright Licensing International chart. The album also includes a handful of original songs to avoid the album from being a complete cover album.

The opening track “The King is Coming,” starts with just the vocals before the guitar and drum introduction kick in. The beat then lowers to allow the vocals to lead, with guitars and keyboards keeping the song moving as the chorus sings out “make way for the king, the king is coming.”

“God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion),” written by Daniel Bashta, also features strong drumming and amazing electric guitar play from Jody Davis with great rhythm and lead sections. The band’s album is known to feature wonderful versions of well-known songs that take worship out of the walls of the church and plant the message into a world where these messages are needed so badly.

This album is a great piece of Alternative rock. Newsboys brought Christian rock back to the mainstream, like Creed’s return this past year, which is another well-known Christian rock band from the last decade. This once again opens up the music market with the return of Christian rock as a leader in today’s charts.

This album is on its way to make history and break records that Creed made the decade before. So if one loves to listen to Creed and other Alternative rock bands, then this album is perfect, proving that Christian rock is not dead.


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