Feminist leader promotes Occupy ELAC

By Joshua Avila

Having seen the improvements of Occupy ELAC, Angie Rincon urges students to show support to fight the budget cuts. Rincon started Occupy ELAC through a feminist group she was involved in.

At 22 years old, Rincon has made progress by catching the attention of senators and assembly men. She has spoken with Pedro Salcido and Ivan Carillo to help with the situation at Occupy ELAC. “The first week was slow, but as time progressed, we saw an increase in support from students,” said Rincon.

Channel 34 and local newspapers, such as Alhambra Source, have spoken with Rincon and other participants at Occupy ELAC about the situation. Occupier Jake Purnell said, “It’s not so much that they don’t care, it’s the lack of knowledge. People need to be better informed about the seriousness of what’s happening with the fee hikes and cutting classes that will affect the progress of student’s education.”

As far as donations go, teachers and students have lent a helping hand in donating can food’s, power cords, lights, etc. Rincon just wants the support of students at ELAC to fight for a reasonable education and to stop the cutting of classes and budget cuts that are affecting many.


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