Cheating is the wrong way to go

By Christina Rocha

Cheating on finals is a good way to end up expelled.  Some people know how to cheat, and arrange to get a copy of the test or use their cell phones, or their Ti 83 and Ti 84 calculators to cheat. Do not do this because you will be suspended from the college. If one takes the same instructor, he or she will always see one as a cheater.

If you cheat and you know you are passing the class, there is no point to cheat if you are preparing for the final. You do not want to fail the class. After all you have done to get a good grade in the class. Besides the point if you did not go to class at all and show up when you have tests time, in reality, you did not learn anything. Some students would not go to class.

Cheating ruins a student’s reputation. It is better to study and pass than to cheat. If you do not understand something, ask someone who knows the material. It would be easy to do because East Los Angeles College has the Learning Center which has material to lend you.

The Writing Center can help students’ assignments, as well.  The Math Lab and  the library have online help. Also, some instructors are willing to help with anything that students need help with.

Try not to freak out during finals. When one becomes stressed out, it is bad mentally and physically. Try breathing exercises when stress is becoming an issue. Cheating is the wrong way to go. If I am stressed out, I just go and do something else. Do not be worried if you do not know the material; you will be fine. If you do not pass, there is always a second chance. Do not cheat because it will stay on your record, and just enjoy the finals of the semester.

When you apply to a four year college and you see your transcripts administrators wonder why you have something that is bad and they might ask you what happened. When you tell them, they will not accept you. You will have serious dilemmas with your education. Students risk not being accepted to four-year universities for a single incident of academic dishonesty, which is definitely not worth it.

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