Dead body found at East Los Angeles College

SILENT ECHOES—A body pulled from the training pool in the East Los Angeles College Swim Stadium prompts facility shutdown. The community awaits for the lights to come back on. CN/Edgar Lopez

By Edgar Lopez and Tadzio Garcia

An unidentified male body was found dead in East Los Angeles College Swim Stadium’s pool, today.

The body had been there for some time said Sergeant Walker, of ELAC’s Sherriff’s station.

The coroner picked up the body at some point in between 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Women’s swim coach Erik Matheson was called and told the pool was shut down. He said he didn’t know the body’s identity, but he said that high schools had recently used the pool.

He said that Schurr High School was supposed to have practice in the morning. It is not known yet who discovered the body.
Matheson also said that they were supposed to practice but they will probably have to wait until Tuesday.

“They have to have it cleared by the health department,” Matheson said. The health department will “super chlorinate it.”

More info to come.

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  1. My sister is on the schurr high school water polo team they were supposed to practice today but one of the girls on the team Brandee Perez discovered the body after the janitor let them in. Brandee was about to jump in the pool when she saw the body. I called the channel 5 news swiftly and told them what happened. Sucks what happened i hope he wasnt murdered

  2. VVonder vvhere the custodian vvas that vvas supposed to vvatch over the svvimming pool and clean it. VVonder vvhat the custodian ASSIGNED to the svvimming pool vvas doing vvhen this young innocent boy fell into the pool. VVas the custodian vvho is assigned to this Svvim Gym from 4:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. doing his job? or vvas this custodian not at his assignment post and left it unattended leaving this poor young innocent former elac student to drovvn vvith no assistance. VVe need to investigate the custodian vvho is assigned in this svvimming pool assignment because if it is so that this young student died vvhile the custodian vvas supposed to be vvorking at his assignment than a life vvould have been SAVED if the custodian vvas doing their job by being in their assignment vvhich is the svvimming pool and not vvatching movies through a dvd player. There has to be an investigation for Justice and for God!

    1. I feel the same way was the manager at Carls jr doing his job ? he was outside taking pictures during the shooting and one employee where the safety for his employees this should be looked into. He had no business outside . He very rude what kind of man is going to make stupid remarks to his customers . Did you see us on you tube this is noting to brag about get me so upset this city was so safe and all of a sudden we have these tragedys

  3. I didnt realize that life guard fell under the custodial workers job description, what was the kid doing in the pool after hours anyways.

  4. i seen the body. he look weird his arm were infront of him. i guess he was there for a while. he was wearing his street cloth. so far nobody know what happened. cant blame the janitor for not looking. what the janitor going to clean in the pool area. anybody can break in hang out in the pool. accident happen and we cant blame the school. it easy to blame someone when were mad.

  5. Wow so fast to blame others Renne! Just a quick fyi…custodians cover more then 1 area and who’s to say said custodian even knew how to swim? Learn your facts before you start pointing fingers.

  6. The kid was probably let in by a custodian. The custodians never check who people are if they wanna go in anyways. It took this event for ELAC to finally take action. =_=

  7. Even when custodians let people in, the school can never blame them because the school rather blame professors or coaches. This needs to be changed so that the responsible party receives the consequences. I’ve heard rumors that there was a certain custodian letting random people in places all the time without authorization.

  8. Sorry to hear about this trajic event.
    I am a graduate of ELA 1953. Former swimer,water polo player and football player. ELA meant the world to me as grad of Wilson High as an industrial arts major. Gave me a wonderful education and has led to a wonderfu life.
    I ahve seen the school go from Army Barracks to the present state. An event like this should hopefully lead to more safety and appreciation for the opportunity one has at ELA

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