ATMs need to be replaced

By Erik Luna

Students need money, that’s a fact. Some carry credit cards or debit cards while others stick with plain old cash.

It’s not a big deal, but sometimes students need cash. Case in point, the vending machines on campus have a tendency to malfunction when it comes to their built-in card kiosk.

Proving that it’s a good thing to carry a couple extra dollars. Many students visit the two ATMs that are located in the E7 building and in the Sheriff Station because of the need for some cash.

They wait in line for several minutes only to find that the machine is out of order. It seems this has become a frequent problem with these machines. It’s especially hard during the first couple of weeks of the semester.

Most of the students that come to East Los Angeles College come after having a long day at work, or taking care of their children and usually have little to no time to eat.

Some students would simply walk to the neighboring restaurants like Carl’s Jr. or Subway, but who has the time? Some students have classes back to back, and have no time to walk all the way to these establishments.

Classes can range from an hour and 30 minutes, to up to three hours and it’s tough going through them on an empty stomach. Sure, teachers give breaks during those long classes, but it’s surely not enough time to go eat somewhere comfortably.

The lunch truck takes debit cards so that’s a good option, but the sale has to be $5 or more. Semesters go on for 16 weeks, students can’t be expected to eat at the lunch truck everyday.

The ATM situation does get out of control and it’s about time that the school replaces them for newer ones that won’t be going out of order every other day. We need reliability.

They are especially needed during these first few weeks of school when ELAC looks less like a school and more like a condensed city, bustling with frantic students going to and from.

Although, if students still need the cash for other things such as buying books off of students, run up to the CVS and get cash back. You can also catch something to eat while you’re there.


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