Students should use their right brains more

By Brian Villalba

Do what is right. Don’t neglect the right brain. It takes both right and left to succeed.

The arts are not just an elective to be taken so you can transfer.  The arts can help format your brain to make you a smarter version of yourself.

Expanding your right brain and integrating it with your left brain will provide you with a decisive advantage that you will need when employers are looking for someone who is going to stand out from the crowd.

Everyone knows math is important.  Left brain subjects are commonly understood as important.  Right brained subjects are neglected.  All across the country and especially here in Los Angeles art and music budgets are often cut first.

If you have ever looked at a painting and said “I get it” then you used your right brain to understand complex concepts in an instant.

There is a well known saying, “A painting is worth a 1000 words.”  Well, to understand the roles of right and left brain succinctly, the right brain is the painting and the left brain is the 1000 words.

The left brain analyzes, the right brain sees the big picture. The development of the right brain leads you on a more exclusive path.  Harvard Business School is one of the most prestigious graduate schools in the country and they accept around 10 percent of their applicants. The UCLA Fine Arts School admits only around 3 percent.

The graduates of the UCLA MFA Program are also highly recruited by fortune 500 companies as their abilities are rare and developed.

Corporate America buys into this notion when General Motors, after coming out of bankruptcy, asserts that it is in the art business. The MBA isn’t what it used to be. Enough people have them that it no longer has the distinctive impact that is desired when applying to business school.

The right brain is important to your future in a very practical way. The right brain is job security.  Jobs that are left brain dominant are going to be either outsourced or given to a computer to do. There is a company in England that has developed software that writes software.  Computer programming is, by necessity, very linear.

So it can be taught to a computer.  It isn’t perfect but it is the future. The new iPhone 4 has the ability to augment the algorithms responsible for predicting texting styles by the user. For the best results in the development of your right brain, pick an art class that you will actively participate in.

Dance, draw, paint, or play some music. Anytime you are creating something you are molding reality to your aesthetic. That is the best way to make something truly yours.

If you don’t feel up to the task, then start with an art appreciation class. Familiarize yourself with the forms of beauty and the aesthetics of others so you can find and appreciate what is desirable to you. Once you find an appreciation for your own aesthetic start to express your aesthetic through creation.

This progression is going to allow you to process information both in the linear method, like a left brain would, and as a big picture, as a right brain would. A mind that becomes conscious of how it works is more powerful than it was before.  Now when you are stuck in your learning process, you can shift gears left and right so that you can put the puzzle together yourself.

There are no true shortcuts in learning but if you learn this path of least resistance you can use your learning energy very efficiently.

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