John Carter dazzles viewers with special effects

By Erik Luna

Disney’s new movie “John Carter,” dazzles viewers with its thrilling action scenes, comedic dialogue and fabulous Digital 3D visual effects.

The movie, based on Edgar Rice Burrough’s novel “A Princess of Mars,” takes place on Earth and Mars, or Jarsoom and Barsoom as they are known on Mars.

On Earth, Carter is a rogue confederate captain in search of a mythical cave of gold and will stop at nothing to get to it. Once Carter finds his cave, someone tries to attack him.  After a quick struggle, Carter kills him with his gun.  Carter notices that the man is holding on to a medallion and trying to say the word “Barsoom.”  Carter then gets the medallion, says the word and is immediately transported to the distant planet.

The movie might seem a bit confusing.  It can be at times, but the deep storyline makes it that much interesting. Carter, who is played by Taylor Kitsch, does a good job as the reluctant protagonist. His charisma and ability to make a fool out of himself gives the movie a blend of action and comedy. Carter’s first few minutes on Barsoom are filled with comedic vignettes and make the movie stand out amongst the science fiction standards that have been produced these past years.

Once Carter arrives at Barsoom, he finds out that he can jump incredibly high and long distances. After he gets captured by the Tharks, an inferior race on Barsoom, he rescues a young princess named Dejah Thoris. Dejah is the Princess of Helium, one of the superior races, and is trying to escape from an arranged marriage to Sab Than, the Prince of the Zodangas, the other superior race of Barsoom.

Obviously, this is a strategic tool in progressing the movie’s plot that lets Carter have a love interest in the movie. It’s alright, but not the best thing about the movie. Lynn Collins, who played Dejah, did a good job as a self-reliant heroine and was not the typical “damsel in distress.” Collins was more than just eye candy for this movie.  She participated in intriguing fight sequences and provided amusing quips with Kitsch.

Kitsch also brings a depth to the character.  There is an intricate storyline behind his character, which comes on full blast during one of his fight sequences, where he takes on a whole army by himself.  The movie can be viewed in regular 2D or in digital 3D.  It’s best to spend the extra two or three dollars for 3D, because the action sequences and the special effects are an amazing feature to the movie.

Andrew Stanton, who is best known for directing “Finding Nemo” and “Wall-E,” directed “John Carter,” making it his first live action feature film.  Stanton did a remarkable job, seeing that the story did have a intense storyline. The movie runs for two hours and 12 minutes and is rated PG-13.

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