‘Loiter Squad’ marks spot on Adult swim

By Amanda Mayberry

Cartoon Network’s late night programming, Adult Swim, aired their newest 15-minute sketch comedy show “Loiter Squad”on Sunday at 11:30 p.m.

According to its creators, the show is supposed to be a cross between MTV’s “Jackass” and Comedy Central’s “Chapelle’s Show. ”  “Loiter Squad” consists of sketches, pranks and ridiculous stunts.

The show is produced by Dickhouse, the same production company which produces “Jackass.” Jeff Tremaine, one of the creators of MTV’s hit series along with Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonez is executive producer of the new “Loiter Squad.” Though the show lacks the pungent, clever style and grace which characterized Chapelle Show’s sketches, it is fully loaded with asinine pranks and humor like that of  “Jackass.”

The show seems to be more in the anti-comedy category of Adult Swim “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job” with a lot of odd costumes, purposely bad editing, cheap special effects and anti-comedic humor. Both of these shows are a bit strange to say the least and require a certain sense of humor, but this trait leaves them in a class all their own and makes them just right.

Starring in the show are Tyler, the Creator, Taco Bennet, Jasper Dolphin, and Lionel Boyce. All are members of the rowdy underground hip hop group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or known as Odd Future for short.

Fans of the group can look forward to seeing performances in the show and hearing the group’s music throughout, if nothing else. The show’s theme song is simple with a catchy beat and only one lyric: I like cheese. The first sketch entitled “Backyard Gator Wrestling” is exactly what it sounds like and is instantly funny.

The sketch starts off with a real, live alligator, but is switched out with a life-size replica. Cast member, Tyler, the Creator, jumps from a ladder and body slams the alligator through a table but the gator gets the best of him when it rips off his leg.

The show continues on a strong note with pranks on strangers in the streets and of course to other cast members. Cast member Taco Bennett is more often than not the butt of the rest of the casts’ pranks.

Another funny sketch stars Tyler, the Creator as Patrick, an “emotional” teen who “nobody understands.” However the show does fall a little flat with a sketch involving Lionel Boyce as an armless dentist. The sketch ends with Jasper Dolphin, Lionel Boyce’s patient, storming off the set, angry because Lionel’s feet touched his mouth.

The show ends on the same flat note with Tyler, the Creator taking off his clothes and dancing in the streets in his blue boxers, while a lady who is being pranked stands by and stares. Asking questions to an unknown person in a frog costume, Tyler the creater and the cameraman, but not receiving any answers.

All in all the show is exactly what would be expected from Dickhouse and Adult Swim is funny in more ways than one though it may be an acquired taste.

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