Meet the ASU candidates

The time has come to vote for this year’s Associated Student Union board members. The elections will take place at the main campus next Wednesday and Thursday, and at the South Gate campus next Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. There are nine candidates running for the various positions on the ASU board. The requirements to vote are that a student must attend East Los Angeles College, must be enrolled in at least one unit, must know school identification number and have some sort of identification on the student. The candidates who are running are listed below.

 Guillermo Rangel

Presidential Candidate

“As President of ASU, I would use my leadership experience and expertise to not only get the job done right, but get it done with the highest levels of integrity.  Serving as ASU’s president, ELAC will move in one direction only, and that direction is forward.”

Jennifer Estrada

Presidential Candidate

“I know the hard work, time and dedication that this Union requires, and I feel that I am more than capable of performing these tasks and duties.  I am a team player and a tolerant person, so I know I would be able to get the board to work together.”

Jessica Robles

Vice-presidential Candidate

“I want to be able to make a difference at ELAC for all the students simply by doing my research and voting on topics that would benefit the entire student body.  I would do my best for the students and make sure their opinions are heard.”

Antonio Alonzo

Vice-presidential Candidate

“I have the privilege of spending time in meetings with administrators and community leaders to make sure that student interests are being defended.  When I am not working with the student government or attending to my classes, I work with the community and Sheriff’s Dept.”

Jacqueline Gonzalez

Chief Justice Candidate

“I want to hear your ideas.  Let’s revive the pride together and create the kind of school that we would be proud to say we attend.  Together we can make a difference.  If elected my first priority will always be you.”

Alejandro Leyva

Chief Justice Candidate

“I wish to run for office because I want to give back to this school.  If I am elected to the board, I will help continue the proud tradition of helping students reach their educational goals, whether to transfer or graduate with a degree or certificate.”

Iris Gaytan

Secretary Candidate 

“I have been recently appointed as secretary, and have loved working in this environment thus far.  I have been previously involved in community service clubs as well as leadership ones and am able to work as a team player, willing to step up and be a leader when there is chaos.”


Ardai Martinez

Treasurer Candidate

“If elected ASU treasurer, I plan to put in all my time and best effort to accomodate the school club’s needs for funding.  My goal is to reach that point in which all clubs are satisfied with the final decision that the ASU committee will make with future distributions.”


Noemi Nestor

Historian Candidate

“Capturing and recording moments is an interest that I highly enjoy.  As a member of the cabinet of East Side Spirit and Pride, I have learned the importance of commitment and leadership, which I look forward to displaying if elected.”

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