Puente Club takes trophy again in ASU’s second annual Husky Bowl

HEAD TO HEAD—Vincent Catalan of the Sociology Club and Eric Robinson of the Puente Club face off in the Husky Bowl tug of war, but Catalan is no match for Robinson. Photo courtesy of ASU

By Amanda Mayberry

Puente Club were the champions again in the second annual Husky Bowl hosted by Associated Student Union between the E3 and E5 buildings last Thursday.

The Husky Bowl is a contest in which chartered clubs compete against one another to earn first, second and third place. The club in first place received $1,000, second place $500 and third place $250. The contest was comprised of a series of events in which multiple members of one club would participate. The club with the most wins in one event received the overall point for that event.

The contest included jousting, tug of war, egg toss, dunking booth and basketball. Among the clubs competing were the Association of Future Fire Fighters, Chatting Hands, Sociology, Students for Equal Rights and almost every other club on campus.

ASU presidential candidate Jennifer Estrada sat in the dunking booth while club members tried to knock her into the water below by throwing a softball at a little red target. After a while even non-club members were allowed to try to knock Estrada into the water. “It’s intense at the last second when you think you’re not going to go in but you get dunked,” said Estrada who was in good spirits about the whole thing. She laughed and said, “It’s awesome.”

Alexander Chau entered the jousting competition for the ELAC Kung Fu Club, and won three consecutive rounds. However, he was no match for Vincent Catalan of the Sociology Club. In the end though, it was Puente Club who received the point for the competition.

At first the Puente Club seemed to dominate the tug of war as they beat club after club with ease. First they beat the Engineering Club, then the Sociology Club, but once they got to the AFFF they found themselves in a bit of trouble.

It was a close game as both clubs seemed to be of equal strength, but AFFF prevailed. When asked if he was surprised at the loss Puente Club member Eric Robinson laughed and said, “I was mad because I got cheated! They had Brock Lesnar on their team!” By Brock Lesnar, Robinson was referring to Brandon Lange, a former volunteer weight trainer on campus and current student.

AFFF went undefeated in tug of war. In spite of losing the tug of war to the AFFF, Puente won first place in the competition with 7 points. The AFFF and the Students for Equal Rights tied for second place with six points each. The two teams then engaged in a tiebreaker for second and third place. The teams competed in another egg toss because they had both lost in that contest.

Tensions ran high as both teams were, determined to earn their second place spot. After an intense few minutes, AFFF dropped their egg and second place was awarded to the SER. AFFF was then awarded third place.

This is the second year in a row the Puente club has won the Husky Bowl, making them the undefeated reigning champs. “Winning feels good,” said Robinson of the Puente club. “You see, all these clubs out here are all beautiful in their own way, but Puente is a family, and when we win, it brings us together.”


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