Students can schedule time to exercise without going to the gym

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By Franz Galvez

Few people look at exercising as a fun and exciting thing to do on their free time.  Others look at it as a waste of time and a boring thing to do. Exercise doesn’t have to be as boring as you think. Who said that exercising should be a routine that should be followed on a daily basis?

Unfortunately, that’s how many people view exercising and that is why they never make it a part of their daily lives. There are many different types of ways to exercising today that makes it more enjoyable to people that hate it.

For instance, playing Nintendo Wii Sports will give you an awesome experience, while simultaneously burning extra calories. On the other hand, many students tend to take the elevator instead of the stairs.  Those few extra steps may not feel like a lot to you but, believe it or not, they will add up at the end of the year.

Other students drive their car across the street to the shopping center that’s literally less than a mile away.  Why not walk there if you have the time? If you don’t have the time to exercise, walking to every other place should definitely help you in the long run.

Adding a physical education class will also contribute to staying active. Some students may not need this class, but why not take it.  By taking this class not only will you get extra credits on your transcripts, but you will also stay active on a normal basis.

Exercising on a regular basis not only helps you physically but mentally too. Exercising will help you on how well you perform in class assignments and exams and it could be used as a stress reliever.

Many students tend to stress during midterms and finals. Doing something active after every couple of hours of studying will help you concentrate better during long studying days.

Many students already have a study group for certain subjects. Forming a group to exercise, just like a math study group, could also help students stay active. Pushing each other that way when you don’t feel like working out should help you stay motivated on a consistent basis.

Everyone needs a friend’s support in one way or the other. Try making exercise a part of your daily life. Never look at it as something you must do but rather look at it as something that has more than one benefit to your life.

Another aspect of your life that exercise will help would be your wallet. It helps you save money on gas because you are walking more often rather than driving. Most important, it helps you stay out of the hospital, which can help cut medical expenses.

Not being active can lead to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  So try finding a physical activity you enjoy.   Doing so may help you stay motivated for a longer period of time. If you start losing interest, it’s time to find another activity, maybe a dance class or a sports team.

Start making time to exercise because if you don’t,  you might have to make time for the hospital.

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