Students need to take advantage of campus offerings

CN/ Vivian Ramirez


By Dulce Carrillo

Eat, shower and sleep is usually what happens when getting home from school and work.

It is sometimes difficult to study and do homework at home especially when your parents want you to do chores, run errands, or just put the volume higher on soccer games and telenovelas.

Yes, our parents want us to go to college and become successful, but they don’t understand that there is a lot of pressure being a college student.  Homework, projects and studying take up a lot of time and blow our heads off when exams gets close.

In my experience, being at school is more relieving and calming because you’re on your own. I prefer doing my homework at the Writing Center. No one bothers you and since they prohibit the use of YouTube, Facebook and any other distracting websites, it helps students concentrate on their assignments.

There is a big difference being at home. Once you’re on the computer you usually log into one of those sites and waste time chatting and complaining about how you can’t concentrate and feeling that huge weight on your shoulders.

I might be sounding like a nerd, but doing homework and setting an appointment with a tutor is better than hanging out with friends. Yes, there might be a lot of things to do with little time to do it, but we’re adults and we need to know what is sufficient for each semester.

Know how many classes you can take and don’t be in a hurry to get out of college. It is better to get a good grade in classes instead of barely passing, even though you think you could have done better. Teachers usually announce that to students; well, my teachers have.

Take advantage of what the school offers; everything is free. Make your tax paying dollars worth something. The Writing Center, Learning Center and the Math Lab are open all day at school. It doesn’t hurt to go in and ask for help. The staff is friendly and very helpful.

It is not so crowded this month, so you can walk in, or make an appointment with them. Don’t wait for the last minute when it gets full and overcrowded. It will be more difficult to get sufficient time to get the help you need and be able to understand what they teach.

Teachers usually give out the materials during test weeks before finals, so there is no excuse for not getting help. It is better to get everything ready ahead of time instead of getting stressed out with everything because you did not plan ahead.

Being at home and complaining brings on more anxiety because your mind will be thinking of all the things that are due and won’t let you concentrate on each assignment.  Get your life organized. Take advantage of the benefits at school.

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