Auto-tech Elans earn certificates

By David Bilbao

Eighty-six out of the 88 automotive technology students passed the National Automotive Students Skill Standards Assessment certification test, which is run by the automotive service excellence organization as proof of professionalism on the field.

The NA3SA  provides third party documentation of the students’ accomplishments against the National Standards for Automotive training program. Automotive technology instructor Walter Kangas said, “(Getting the certification) is a huge accomplishment for my students.”

The NA3SA certification test consisted of eight categories: engine repair, automatic trans/transaxle, manual drive train and axles, suspension/steering, brakes, electrical/electronic systems, heating and air conditioning and engine performance. Students prepared for the test by reading Automotive Service Excellence study guides, but most of the knowledge was gained during class sessions. “After reading the book and studying the example tests I really got to more for the test,” Khanh Lam said.

Kangas also said that he gave quizzes every week to his students to help them prepare for the test. “They’re like building blocks, so when it comes to the big test it’s no problem,” Kangas said.

“I feel good to learn a lot from the automotive program…the school teaches the concept well and (does a good job) demonstrating it,” Leo Galindo a student from Kangas’ class said.

After getting the certification, a job for his students is at close reach, with the certificate showing their capabilities. “As a matter of fact, two of them got a job already,” Kangas said.

The Vocational and Technical Education Act survey (VTEA), a survey created to determine where funds are needed most, donated $450 to the automotive technology department to help its students that are financially struggling to take the test for free.

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