Sausages for all tastes at local German restaurant

TASTY SAUSAGES – The kielbasa, left, and the Hot Italian, are two of the many sausages Wurstküche has to offer. They go well with the "groot" size Belgian fries. CN/ Maria Gonzalez

By Maria Gonzalez

Located in the heart of the Arts District, fancy sausage restaurant Wurstküche bursts in flavor.

Wurstküche, which in German means kitchen that serves sausage, has a variety of 21 different sausages.  When entering the restaurant, customers go into a small room where they are greeted by host and given a thin, two-sided menu.

As you wait in line to order, a display case of all the sausages they carry is overwhelming to the eyes.  After ordering, a customer walks down a long corridor that makes you feel as if you’ve fallen into a rabbit hole. A sharp turn leads the customer to a busy, large room with wooden benches and tables with brown butcher paper as table covers.

On the side are small wooden stools and metal tables as well as some booths.  The mix and match of seating arrangements gives the room a minimalist decor.

The place offers a relaxing ambience for those gathering after work and trying to unwind after a long day, or friends catching up with a iced-cold bier, beer in German, listening to music playing  in the background.

The wait of 10 to15 minutes seems a bit much for a “hot dog,” but then again, this not the typical weenie in a bun.  The sausages, as well as the bun, are made fresh in-house.

The variety doesn’t stop at the sausages either.  They also offer different types of dipping sauces and mustards.

For example, the thick Belgian cut fries can be ordered in a klein, small portion, or a groot, size for two, with dipping sauces ranging from chipotle aioli, buttermilk ranch, bleu cheese walnut bacon, curry ketchup, sundried tomato mayo, tzatziki also known as greek yogurt, chipotle ketchup, pesto mayo, sweet and sassy BBQ and Thai peanut.

The chipotle aioli has a sweet and spicy kick to it, and the buttermilk ranch compliments the fries really well with the creamy taste of garlic.  There are also different types of toppings that can be added to the sausages, like caramelized onions, sauerkraut, sweet peppers and spicy peppers.

Although, the sausage can be adorned with different types of toppings, the quality of the meat is palpable to the taste buds.  The Hot Italian, made of pork and spices, causes sweat to come off the forehead, especially if you add the hot peppers to compliment it.

The spiciness of the sausage will bring tears to the eyes, but nonetheless leave behind a flavorful taste.  Kielbasa, which is a polish sausage made from pork, beef, onions and spices has a classic taste that can be made more interesting by adding some of the toppings or gourmet mustards.

The place also has different kinds of sausages for those that are willing to experiment. Some of the options are alligator sausage with pork, rattlesnake and rabbit with jalapeño peppers and rabbit, veal and pork seasoned with white wine.

Fancy cola – Fentiman's Curiosity Cola is part of Wurstkuche's eclectic selection of beverages. CN/Maria Gonzalez

The soft drinks they offer are different from those at the typical restaurant, and may have one wishing for a familiar taste.  The Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola is botanically brewed and not the best, since the flavor of ginger overpowers the cola flavor.

Not excluding those who are not meat eaters, Wurstküche offers sausages for them too, although they  are cooked on the same grill.

Lastly, the variety of the beer ranges from imported flavors from Belgium and Germany, as well as domestic brews.

Overall, this place has an interesting ambiance and flavor.   However, if you’re on a budget this is not the place to be, as a meal for two can add up to $30, not including beer.

Wurstküche is located at 800 E 3rd St. Los Angeles 90013.

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