Baja conquers seafood

Monster Taco – Tacos, Bajas serves fully loaded fish tacos, stuffed with fresh cabbage and tomatoes, covered in its flavorful sauce. C/N Summer Gomez

By Summer Gomez 

For those who are seafood lovers and really enjoy Mexican food at a favored price, Tacos Baja is the perfect place to gorge at located across the street from the Commerce Center on Whittier Boulevard, . This Ensenada inspired restaurant serves nothing but the finest Mexican seafood platters around. Having been open for fifteen years, Tacos Bajas is famous for its fish tacos.

When taking the first bite, customers will be filled with nothing but satisfaction. Savory fried fish wrapped in warm grainy corn tortillas, topped with fresh cabbage, tomatoes and creamy and semi-spicy sauces can all be enjoyed all at the small price of $2.50 per taco.

A full meal costs ony $5 including two sides and a drink. Many of the other Mexican seafood choices include tostadas, cocktails, and burritos.  The Baja’s Tostadas are only $2.25 and are covered with fresh jaiba, ceviche, or shrimp. The Baja’s Cocktail is fresh and tasty and costs less than most places.This cocktail ranges from $6 to $7.

The Baja’s Burritos are a whole meal wrapped in one large flower tortilla and costs around $5. This includes beans, rice, shrinp, fish, cabbage, tomatoes, and Baja’s sauce wrapped together.  For each main dish, hearty beans and rice are served. These two sides may sound as ordinary as any other Mexican restaurant, but no other beans and rice compare to that of Baja’s.

To wash it all down, thirsty customers may choose from Baja’s incomparable horchata, jamaica or a normal soft drink, which is included with most meals.  The overall environment of this establishment is friendly and comfortable because every customer seems to enjoy their food. The service is also quite good. Eating here, customers may take pleasure in having a small taste of Ensenada, especially with its bright green and orange colors and the different pictures that hang on the walls.

As if the prices are not affordable enough, Tacos Baja has a gigantic special every Wednesday (except Ash Wednesday). This day out of the week, their famous fish tacos are only 99 cents. Normal prices ranges from $3 to $7 per person, depending on their order. Tacos Baja is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. There are no reservations, but customers may call in an order ahead of time at (323) 887-1980.

The only downfall of Tacos Baja is the parking because the lot is much too small. One thing that scares most customers away is the massive line outside during lunch hour, but there is a line for a reason. You will find Tacos Baja at 5385 Whittier Boulevard in Los Angeles, California 90022.

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