Support same sex marriage

By Daisy Rodriguez

Same sex couples are just like heterosexual couples. They both have the same relationship problems. Just because they like the same sex doesn’t make them any different.

President Obama is calling for equality when it comes to same sex marriage. The states that do allow gay marriage are Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Washington D.C, Iowa, and Washington.

In 2011 President Barrack Obama eliminated the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy from the armed forces. Now he says that same sex couples should get married.

The way he explains it is by saying he also has friends, neighbors, employees, soldiers in a same sex relationship. Some are even raising kids.

It’s time for a change. People should not be living in shame or hiding who they are and what they like. The United States is defiantly not how it was before and some of it is for the best.

Many people believe if Obama passes same sex marriage, it’s going to affect his re-election campaign, that he might lose supporters. But many other people still follow and support him 100 percent.

Whether it passes or not, same sex couples are still going to be around and act like they are married. It will just make life easier for many people.

Yes many argue that its a man and a woman but same sex couples last longer together than heterosexuals. According to the Family Research Council, heterosexual marriages last 52 percent compared to homosexuals who last 70 percent.

People argue that this should be the last thing our government should worry about because there are other things that need this kind of attention, for example our economy.

Why run away from this subject, just because many people don’t agree on it and make it a big deal?

It’s something just as big as our economy. For example, allowing same sex couples to get married will help reduce children in need of parents. Of course, because they can’t have kids so they would like to adopt.

According to, the 2000 Census estimates that about 250,000 kids are being raised by same sex couples and from that 5 percent of those children were adopted (12,500).

Obama feels that people should not hide because of their sexual identity. Everyone is a human being and whether society accepts gay marriage or not, it will always  be seen, known, and fought for.

People are not ready to give up on something that should be theirs. That is being who they are, loving who they want, and being with who they want. It should not matter if its girl to girl or boy to boy.

When people at school, work, the market, malls, anywhere and everywhere they see same sex couples. Its something society needs to accept and understand.

Its not like they got up one morning and decided to be gay or lesbian. Some people do decide to be that way for whatever reason but even then its not something that will kill others to accept.

If people don’t approve of it that’s fine, its not their life and they’re not being seen as that. People just need to mind their business and let other people live the way they want.

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