Keane sings life experiences

By Alexandra Trejo

After four long years, Keane released their newest album “Strangeland” on May 8, which combined melodic harmonies with expressive lyrics and is anything but strange.

With 17 tracks on the album, it begins with that classic Keane sound which includes pianist Tim Rice-Oxley playing in the background as Tom Chaplin leads with vocals. The sounds of the piano in their fourth album are definitely more audible and takes center stage.

The song “You are Young” is a message for youth to not be discouraged by the blows that inevitably occur in life. The lyrics “Fearful child have faith in brighter days” is an expression of just that. Also, at the same time “You are Young” is a motivation to persevere and includes a message that we all have something to offer in this world. Another uplifting tune is “Silenced by the Night,” which is about a relationship that experiences challenges, but also hopes that sticking together things will turn out all right.

“Run With Me” and “On the Road” are two faster-paced songs on the album and are about taking chances and risks in life. It is an adventurous pair of songs that complement each other. “Run With Me” is more romantic and reminds a lover that he promised to run together and follow his partner wherever life leaded them and that in each other they would find support. While “On the Road” serves as a reminder that life is limited and there is so much to learn and see, suggesting that one must seize the day as there may not be another.

The eleventh song on the album, “In Your Own Time” represents growing up and that life isn’t a race. It suggests that people make mistakes, learn and grow all in their own time and will develop into someone better.  The lyrics are encouraging and recommend accepting the process of life as it is while growing up.

As “In Your Own Time” is about growing up, “Neon River” is about love gone sour. “Neon River” describes a man and woman in a relationship but at different points in their life and wanting different things. It’s something many people experience at one point in their life.

Essentially Strangeland is an album that is based on life experiences, love lost and won and growing up. Keane has not disappointed with their fourth album making it definitely worth a listen.

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