Man creates disturbance on East Los Angeles College campus

By Erik Luna

After a brief confrontation in the East Los Angeles College financial aid office, a student and a unidentified man that was accompanying a young woman were held for questioning by the sheriffs earlier this afternoon.

The confrontation started because the student, who wished to remain annoymous, was walking in at the same time the woman was and almost bumped her and her baby.

“I was just taking care of some business and I had my number already, when I was walking through the door, the guy thought I pushed his wife with his boy and that’s when it started,” the ELAC student said.

Soon after the confrontation was starting to get more aggressive, financial aid staff called the sheriffs station to control the situation.

As the sheriffs came in, they handcuffed and pointed a Taser gun at the student, before handcuffing the unidentified man.

The student explained that there was no need for force and that he  would comply to the orders of the sheriffs, but a staff member of the financial aid office simply told the student to calm down and let them handcuff him because it was protocol.

The handcuffed student then announced to the students in the financial aid office to start recording just in case anything happened. “You never know. I just wanted to make sure that if anything happened it was (recorded) and it would be out there,” the student said.

The financial aid office had no comment about the incident.

“All I told them was that the handcuffs were unnecessary. But because a sheriff had the Taser on me, I just did what they told me to do,” The student said showing off the marks around his wrists. “I told them that it was just a huge misunderstanding,” he continued.

Both the student and the unidentified man were taken to the back for questioning where they were told to take of their shoes and empty their pockets, a sheriff protocol to search for weapons or drugs.

The sheriffs had no comment at the moment.

The unidentified man was escorted out of the building by sheriffs while handcuffed.

An ELAC student was handcuffed on campus in the financial aid office today, June 4, around noon after a bumplike situation turned into a confrontation. The East Los Angeles College sheriffs were called in to control the situation. CN/Erik Luna



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