ASU rental helps student afford books

By Jane Fernandez



Book prices are only going up, but ELACs Associated Student Union is making books available at affordable rental prices throughout the semester.

ASU offers student members the facility of renting books and other scholastic materials, such as calculators, they might need throughout the semester at low prices. Some of the books students can rent include Math 115, Biology 3, and Sociology.

Book rental prices range from 10 to 25 dollars depending on the subject.

This year ASU purchased 35 thousand dollars worth of books. Some of the books were either newer editions, which include Spanish 1, while other books such as Psychology 1 were of higher demand in the school campus.

“Teachers need to make a commitment on using a book two to three years for us to be able to buy the book”, said ASU President Jennifer Estrada.

According to Estrada, ASU is trying to get more teachers to participate and make contracts with them so they could improve book rental services for upcoming semesters.

ASU will only buy a book if enough teachers agree on using a book for a certain amount of semesters. Once the faculty members make that commitment, ASU will be able to increase the book rental system as they make sure that the money will be spend properly.

During the first week of school ASU started their book rental program with around 1,400 books, by mid-day Thursday they were down to about 100 books according to Estrada.

ASU membership fee is $7 during fall, other benefits students get from becoming members include discounts, chances to win giveaways and free snacks during finals week.

For more information about the book rental program or to rent books and other materials visit the ASU office located on G8-119.

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