Elevators, automatic doors should be left for disabled

By Erik Luna


Some students are lazy. I understand this, but what I don’t understand is why some students choose to take their feet and hands for granted.

There is no other place on campus that this is more apparent  than in the building. Countless students wait in the main hall of the E7 building for one of the two elevators to take them one floor above or below them.

There is no harm in taking the elevator, but when a student waits for at least five minutes just for the elevator to get there. When they could simply walk a simple flight of stairs to get to the second floor is ridiculous.

I’m not holding myself higher than anyone else. On the contrary, I am one of those students at times.

Yet, I do it when it is convenient, or when it is a happy coincidence. For example, walking into the E7 building just as the elevator opens up, who doesn’t love that?

This pleasant happenstance just so happens to be my inspiration for this article, because as I walk into the elevator to go up to the third floor I see others, who had been waiting, press the button for the second floor.

Why couldn’t they just go up the stairs? Maybe, they were just there coincidentally as well. Yet, this is just one of the many instances that I’ve seen students taking their limbs for granted.

Everyone has seen the square buttons outside doors for the disabled to use, yes, I’ll repeat myself for disabled. These buttons have a purpose and violating that purpose just because someone doesn’t want to use their hands is just wrong.

It’s understandable that some people don’t want to touch the door handles due to some germaphobic tendency, but if that’s the case, those people can easily carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer. It is expensive.

Although the new locksmith at ELAC, Al Arteaga, said the buttons can withstand the constant pressing, there is a possibility they can malfunction at times. It wouldn’t be fair to the disabled students, and it wouldn’t be fair to the locksmith, who would have to fix those buttons.

Let’s not take our legs and hands for granted anymore. Walk up a flight of stairs. It’s good for you. Open the door for someone else.

That’s just plain old good manners. Wouldn’t we all feel better?

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