Study rooms are not meant for socializing

ELAC Study Rooms Cartoon by Bryan Pedroza


By Danny Vasquez


Students should be more courteous while using the study rooms in the Helen Miller Library for those who are trying to study or get their work done.

In the library there are 25 study rooms, where students in groups can go and study.

The problem regarding the study rooms is that some students tend to go just to waste time by sleeping, lounging or taking up space that could consist of four to eight people who are there to do what these rooms are provided for.

On each window of the study rooms there is a sign that lets you know the limit on how many people can be in at a time. These are mostly filled with students that are actually there to work.

On the other hand, there are those students who are wasting time in the room and taking over tables that can easily fit four people.

These are the students that make it harder for those who want to find seats to read a book for class. A students study habits are crucial for almost every class especially in order to pass.

When students go to the library to waste valuable time and take up seats, they are giving the students that want to work no choice but to sit on the floor.

It’s difficult to do work when there is no stable foundation to write on or a nice chair to sit on.

I have personally experienced this scenario where I walked into the library looking for a table to sit and do homework but all I found was backpacks piled on it.

I went in other rooms but they were mostly filled with people laughing and joking around, so I just decided to sit on the floor.

It wasn’t long before a worker told me that I was sitting near a fire hazard and had to find a table.

Students need to stop treating the library as a place to socialize or even sleep. There are many solutions to fix this.

Some examples would be to have constant supervision or even a cafeteria where students can lounge and be social.










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