Responsible riding avoids accidents

Avoid Accidents Cartoon by Bryan Pedroza



By Erik Luna


Bicycles and skateboards are a great way to get to and from school, but if the riders aren’t careful, they can cause accidents harming others.

Just the other day, I was walking past the Plant Facilities building, when I saw a guy on a skateboard come shooting down from behind the G-9 building, with no regard to the safety of those walking to class.

This may have just been an accident and it probably won’t happen again, but just last week, on Tuesday, another incident happened involving a guy on a bike that even the Sheriffs had to be involved.

According to Deputy Sheriff Frank Velasco the matter is still under investigation, a and he cannot release the information.

Although, after the incident the sheriffs were seen talking with an older man on a bike. The older man may have accidentally hit a girl while on his bike.

Bicyclists and skaters have to be careful how fast they ride and remember that there are other people around them. This is important now that bicycles are at their peak of popularity.

According to the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, the number of people riding bicycles has increased by 32 percent between 2009 and 2011.

With a growing number of cyclists, safety is an ongoing issue. As a result,  streets have a green bicycle lane.

The same goes for East Los Angeles College, safety continues to be an ongoing issue, not for bicyclists, but for the pedestrians.

The hill that is right next to the auditorium got a speed bump last year because of increasing accidents bicyclists and skaters darting downhill caused. Yet, this safety procedure does not deter riders from going down the hill  as fast as they can.

It’s understandable that students use bikes and skateboards to get to class faster, but riding irresponsibly is the reason accidents are happening. School officials might have to place a ban on bikes and skateboards all together.

It might seem like a farfetched reaction, but it has happened in other campuses. Two years ago signs started appearing around California State University Fullerton banning students from riding their skateboards on campus, according to CSUF’s newspaper The Daily Titan.

If it can happen in a large university like CSUF, it’s reasonable to think that it can happen at ELAC. The Sheriff’s Department even said that the use of bicycles and skateboards on campus is prohibited.

Students must be off the bicycle and be carrying their skateboards. Yet, just as students avoid the smoking restrictions, they are bound to ignore this one too.

According to the sheriffs any student caught riding recklessly on campus will be subjected to a citation. So, remember to be careful riders.



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