QSA raises awareness

By Danny Vasquez

It seems these days as though the use of the word “gay” is used in a negative way when coming out of student’s mouths around East Los Angeles College.

Students use slang when speaking among each other. These days, the phrase “that’s so gay” is really popular. When students use the phrase “that’s so gay” they are using it in a negative way  to explain the emotion of how something went wrong.

For example, if someone got in trouble and got punished for it, they would be drawn to use the phrase “That’s so gay” to show how they feel toward the consequences. It is unacceptable to use this phrase negatively, especially from college students because we are supposed to be mature.

Students on campus should think before they speak. They should take the time to look around and notice the people around them knowing that there could be gay students or faculty members that might take offense to the phrase.

This week on October 11 is National Coming Out Week. It promotes the awareness of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) people. It is celebrated by those who are proud of  “coming out of the closet.”

On campus the Queer Straight Alliance is a place where LGBT students can come and  feel comfortable. It is a safe environment where everyone is welcomed. The QSA will be celebrating and supporting many holidays in this month, such as Aids Walk, National Coming Out Week and Ally Week.

One of the important holiday weeks is Ally Week because according to the president of QSA Miguel Cereceres, “it’s a week of action.”  Through out the week of October 15- 19, the QSA will be setting up tables around the campus to provide students with information that is LGBT related.

“People think that there is something wrong with being gay,” Cereceres said. This week is used to encourage the students that there is nothing wrong with being gay and being a supporter of the gay community.

Instead of using the word “gay” or “homo,” students should support the gay community and stop people from using it negatively. It may not be offensive to those who regularly refer to such scenarios as being gay, but it definitely can ruin the day of a person who indentifies as gay who overhears such remark. It also makes it seem as though being gay is stupid and unacceptable, but it is not.

Students need to educate themselves and show respect.

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