Film discusses unfair portrayal of women

By Jane Fernandez


A documentary discussing the unfair portrayal of women in the media was highlighted at the East Los Angeles Women’s Center’s film screening last Thursday.

In the documentary, “Generation M: Misogyny in Media and Culture,” students were given a different perspective of how the media sees women, and how that image influences viewers into treating women differently.

The clips showed famous actresses in provocative clothing selling their bodies rather than their music, movie or product. “The message being given is that the only way women can be powerful is by having sexual power over men,” said Sonia Rivera, the center’s sexual assault program director.

Participating students gave their insight on ways women were treated differently based on how they looked and acted.

The documentary also included the behavior of young girls as they are influenced by what they see,  such as how the Bratz® Dolls’ appearance may influence some children to want to mimic the dolls.

Elan Cheryl Brindley related the images she saw in the documentary to how her daughter, who is the same age as the girl’s in the        documentary, acted.

“The mother should take away their ritual,” said Brindley, who noted that her 12-year-old daughter is far from acting like the grown-up like girls in the video.

As the discussion went on, students shared their experience with domestic violence. “Sometimes men are left out of the picture,” the Center’s representative Sandra Ibarra, Ibarra said.

“Those men need to step up,” she continued. Rivera stressed that women are not the only victims of domestic violence; men are just as likely to be victims.

Although men are sometimes less likely to talk about it, the Center encourages men to seek help.

The discussion attracted more than 50 attendants, some of which consisted of couples. The speakers provided the attendees with a relationship safety quiz, as well as brochures that talked about domestic violence help.

The Center provides support to victims of domestic violence, as well as welcoming the community for services such as awareness towards sexual assault, therapy for victims of domestic violence and parenting classes, among other services aimed to the bettering of individuals.

The East Los Angeles Women Center is located at 1255 Atlantic Blvd., Los Angeles 90022. For more information, individuals may call the Women’s Center office at 323-526-5819 or visit

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