Technology takes over learning

Cartoon by Bryan Pedroza


By Jair Fuentes


Students should leave technology outside of the classroom.

Over the years, technology has advanced to the point that the internet can be easily accessed almost anywhere, especially in schools.

With technology such as iPhones, iPods, iPads and tablets, it has  become faster and more convenient to surf the web.

In fact, for some people, it has become addicting. They feel the need to be on their devices all the time, including during class.

Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have taken over students’ lives and during class it’s almost impossible to focus on class work.

Students are more interested in updating their status, sending a tweet, or replying to a text message rather than paying attention in class.

Almost all syllabi instructors provide denote a no cellphone policy in class or students must contend with the consequences of using these devices.

Notably, there is an increase in cell phone use during lectures and points are being deducted from the student’s final grade.

Student Maria Guzman said, “I have noticed a decline in my grades over the past year.

“I’m on my phone a lot of the time. I miss a lot of the notes.”

As young adults, there must be rules enforcing such a simple dilemma.

Being on the internet and texting during class should not be a necessity, yet over the years it has become more of a problem.

During this time when classes are limited, students should remember that passing a class with a good grade is more important than ever.

Many students are left out and wish they could have the chance to take their required classes.

It’s unfair to have students in a class where they simply can’t pay attention because they choose to be distracted.

As college students, the main focus of our educational experience should be what we are learning in these classes and not just getting by.

Using a phone or tablet in class is disrespectful to the professor who is working hard.

It can also be disruptive to other students.

It’s hard to believe that some students can’t spare an hour or two without these devices. On top of such devices causing distractions to other students around them.

Students should think before using their cellphones in class, and remember to leave technology for their spare time.

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