Oasis’ pupusas satisfy taste buds

By Danny Vasquez

Despite the tasty pupusas, Oasis Pupuseria disappoints customers with greasy and scary food.

The small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Oasis Pupuseria, serves interesting types of pupusas that are fresh and homemade.

The pupusas are filled with cheese and an assortment of meats and vegetables, such as the mouth-watering, tender, pastrami and cheese pupusa.

The restaurant also serves vegetarian-friendly pupusas, such as the broccoli with cheese and spinach with cheese pupusas.

Along with their famous pupsas, their food explores the different Salvadorian dishes, such as tamales, tortas and sopas.

Although Oasis Pupuseria serves homemade Salvadorian food, customers should run away if they don’t like oily, greasy food.  It might not be the healthiest choice to make, but it’s satisfying.

With the warm crusted pupusas, the broccoli and cheese embraced a delicious balance of flavors inside.  With melted Monterey Jack cheese and shredded broccoli, it was one of the dishes with the most oil, but it was one of the best dishes Oasis Pupurseria served.

TORTA TIME— Oasis Pupuseria’s torta de carne asada offered a hard to chew sandwich that would fall apart when taking each bite. CN/Danny Vasquez

The most disappointing dishes served there were the tamale de pollo, torta de carne asada and empanadas de platano.

The tamales de pollo were one of the poorest dishes made.  The contents of the tamale were so greasy that it soaked through the banana leaves.  The chicken also lacked flavor.  The only positive part of this dish was that the green chili wasn’t overwhelming.

The torta de carne asada wasn’t easy to chew. It is served on a doughy bread that was tough to take a bite into.

The bread would fall apart and the steak, mayo, lettuce, onions and peppers would fall all over the place, due to the grease.  Inside the torta, the steak was too hard to chew.

The empanada de platano was one of the scariest menu items.  The empanada de platano is a fried banana custard ball, lightly covered in sugar.  It had a weird unexplainable texture and was not one of the best dishes.  These fried grease balls were burnt and didn’t resemble anything edible.

The atmosphere in the restaurant gives customers a true El Salvadorian cultural experience.  Inside there is a giant, colorful, bird decoration hanging from the ceiling.

The service was great.  The workers are very friendly and welcoming.

The only good food served at Oasis Pupuseria are the pupusas.

Oasis Pupuseria is located at 2078 Atlantic Blvd., Monterey Park, inside Atlantic Square, next to Thai House.

The prices for their food range from $0.99 to $4.99.

To order food ahead of time customers can call (323) 724-5736.

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