‘Fun Size’ not too funny

By Jesus Figueroa

“Fun Size” lacks humor and a strong compelling storyline, making it inconsistent and a poor attempt at a comedy.

Victoria Justice as Wren and Jane Levy as April, star as two high school girls looking to be part of the popular kids.

As the story gets going it becomes annoying.

The tendency to classify and belittle the differences in people gets taken to an extreme.

After getting invited to a promising party hosted by Aaron, who both girls find attractive, they think they are all set.

They find costumes and are ready to become part of the popular crowd.

But Wren’s mom Joy, played by Chelsea Hadler, decides to leave her youngest, Albert, in the care of Wren while she goes out with her boyfriend Kevin.

While trick or treating, the girls lose Albert, sending the film into action. In the same style as “Superbad,” “The Hangover,” and “Project X” the story follows the characters through the night but these characters whine and complain throughout, especially April.

While Wren and April go in search of Albert, he is off on his own adventure going through an array of humiliating situations.

The story becomes very desperate and clings to the naive teenage tendencies of Wren and April.

It follows the theory that just because they are cute they can get away with anything.

Enlisting Roosevelt and Peng, co-captains of the debate team, who they bump into at a convenience store, the situation goes from bad to worse.

Wren convinces them both to help her by driving around looking for Albert in the most illogical places.

Starting fights, getting into altercations, and eventually wrecking a car at a fried chicken restaurant; it just isn’t their night.

Finally, getting to the party, primarily because of April, it becomes clear that popularity is not worth the struggle.

Wren realizes what her priorities are and who really cares for her but it could be a bit too late since Roosevelt drove off in anger.

One potentially dangerous situation comes up when an intimidating character wants money in exchange for Albert.

Wren makes her way to pick up Albert where the situation seems bad but gets resolved in a less than hilarious way.

Finally, the story gets its happy ending when Wren returns home and confronts her mother with Albert’s safe return.

The story lacks much and did not get many laughs.

The acting is good even as the comedy is not funny.

It may be a movie intended for a younger audience since it is a Nickelodeon film.

“Fun Size” opens October 26.

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