Students target self defense

By Cristina Galvan


The self defense workshop held last Thursday in the women’s gym  taught students how to defend themselves against perpetrators who might want to harm them.

Retired police officers Christine Dosland and Frank Navarro provided students with tips to ensure their safety. For example, students are taught to use common sense, to avoid dark places and to go straight to their destination.

They are also taught that it is important not to get distracted by their cellphones while walking. There have been many incidents where distracted students get robbed.

Navarro talked about key spots where students can hit perpetrators,if threatened such as the eyes, nose, groin or shins. Three defense postures were also demonstrated. One of these postures was the defensive stand known as the warning contact.

Through the defensive stand, students are to yell at perpetrators when they feel threatened that perpetrators are coming too close.

“Your voice is your weapon,”  Dosland said.

Navarro said, “When you decide that you are going to fight, you have to give it 100 percent.” Students are told to walk with confidence so perpetrators do not see them as an easy target.

It is important that students do not panic if they are approached by someone who looks suspicious.

If students panic, it is harder to react.   Dosland also talked about the importance of the buddy system in places such as bars and restaurants.

Dosland and Navarro encouraged students to take a self defense class.

“If someone is going to attack you, you have to be prepared,” Dosland said.

If students cannot  take a self defense class, Dosland says that they should be active by taking a Physical Education class, a martial arts class, or play a sport.

should also be prepared by watching videos on youtube or by reading books.

Student Cheryl Brindy got encouraged to share the information she learned.

“ I’m going to go home and show my daughter about self defense,” Brindy said.

Aside from being provided with information, students were provided with handouts and small first aid kits.

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