Twilight saga ends on good note

By Jesus Figueroa

The highly anticipated “Breaking Dawn part 2” of the twilight saga makes for a memorable  finale.

The story starts off slow and speeds up quickly at the beginning, giving an uneasy pace to it.

Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, brings in audiences to a heartfelt story about family with magnificent acting.  New born vampire Bella sets off to control her vampire abilities and cravings.

With little struggle Bella learns to control her abilities and cravings, doing so for her child, Renesmee, and other mortals to be safe in her presence.

Edward, played by Robert Pattinson, stays by her side helping her along the way.

Once able to control her cravings, she gets to meet her daughter Renesmee who is still mortal.  Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner, is Renesmee’s protector  and is a background character throughout the film.  Having very little interaction with the main characters and few lines, he is still a part of the Twilight world but not very relevant.

The story centers on wrongfully accused Renesmee and her family working to protect her against the Volturi.

Believing that Renesmee threatens the way of life for vampires, the Volturi come to discipline the Cullen clan.

The first part of the film lacks explanation to events and occurrences that were quite unclear.

They travel to distant lands to find allies who would help serve as witnesses to the wrongful accusation of Renesmee.  The Cullen’s travel and encounter many vampires with different abilities.

With their clan larger in size, the Cullens prepare for their encounter with the Volturi.

The Volturi enter not with discipline on their mind but total annihilation.

The battle shocks audiences from the beginning with unexpected casualties of war.  The only thing more shocking than the war is the finale.

Great acting on behalf of Stewart and Pattinson engage the audience.

Stewart stands strong and encourages empathy as she battles along the way to keep her daughter safe.  Bella along with Renesmee drive the story forward.  Stewart has some of her finest acting moments alongside her on-screen daughter Renesmee and on-screen vampire husband Edward.

Pattinson keeps calm  and is still a main character, but falls back slightly to allow the story to progress.  Although much of the progress of the story comes from Edward, he does not over power the presence of  Bella or Renesmee.  His wit and charm serve to progress the movie nicely as well as ease tension.

New characters in the story add compassion and sensitivity to the Cullen’s need for help.

The beginning can feel hurried along, but the finale really ties all the saga together.  Audiences are able to connect with main characters with ease, the action is intense, and all fans will gasp at the twist in the storyline, which leads to an unexpected conclusion.

After 4 installments in the Twilight Saga this fifth final installment provides an ending that will please audiences.

“Breaking Dawn part 2” is in theaters everywhere now.

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